Glenn Rhee (The Walking Dead) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Glenn Rhee Costume

Glenn Rhee Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Long-Sleeved Undershirt Gathering resources is a long and tedious task that may take a few hours to a few days to finish, so a long-sleeved undershirt is a great way to protect himself from getting cold. The black color also makes him harder to spot, especially at night
2 Dark Gray T-Shirt A dark gray shirt is a good extra layer when the nights are unexpectedly cooler. It is also a great top alternative when Glenn is feeling too warm wearing his long-sleeved undershirt
3 Dark Khaki Pants When out looking for necessities, running around, climbing and other physical endeavors are part of the job description. Wearing khaki pants is Glenn’s version of comfortable and functional
4 Dark Brown Lace Up Combat Boots Being the resource gatherer means that Glenn needs to move around a lot, and he needs to move around fast. Wearing lace-up combat boots ensures that his feet are protected from unwanted scrapes and bruises as well as from the cold. Lacing it up also means that there’s less chance that his shoes might fall off and slow him down
5 Machete Not all battles happen at farther distances. Sometimes the sheer number of walkers can be overwhelming. Having a machete in hand allows Glenn to fight better in a nearer range. The machete is also good at hacking needed materials for the group
6 Thigh Holster Glenn is always ready for whatever his danger world could bring because he wants to keep his loved ones safe. A thigh holster is a great storage for an extra gun, knife, and other supplies he might need

A real loyal and loving husband, Glenn makes all the other guys in the series pale in comparison to his devotion to his family. This quick thinking man is also quick on his feet, the perfect combination when you’re adamant in keeping your loved ones safe.

Glenn wears a long-sleeved undershirt, pants, and boots which is a great outfit for his position as a gatherer of resources. Here is everything you need to look like Glenn Rhee.

About Glenn Rhee

Glenn Rhee is not only a fan favorite that graces the TV show with his lovable presence. He is also one of the few characters we see in almost all The Walking Dead platforms which include the TV series, the comic series, three types of different games, and the novel.

So we get to enjoy his company in different ways (while he’s still alive that is)!