Shane Walsh (The Walking Dead) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

Here’s everything you need to look like Shane Walsh.

How to make Shane Walsh costume

Shane Walsh Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Denim Blue Flannel Shirt Shane wears a casual denim blue flannel shirt which looks comfortable. He usually wears it with the first few buttons undone, making him look sexy
2 Dark Khaki Cargo Pants A salute to his days as an officer, Shane wears cargo pants that double as a good outfit for hunting down walkers and storing his stuff
3 Brown Leather Belt Since food is a little hard to come by during the end of the world, clothes will unsurprisingly hang looser. Wearing a belt is a great idea if he doesn’t want his pants to come off
4 Black Combat Boots Combat boots are a great way to ensure that Shane’s feet are comfortable and protected. It can serve as a barrier from stones sticking out from the ground, and from the cold windy nights
5 Waistband Holster Shane needs to be well equipped to fight off the walkers and other potential threats, so he needs as many weapons as he can bring. A waistband holster is a great way to keep his pistol handy
6 Black Airsoft Pistol Living in a world full of the reanimated and other human threats, Shane knows that having a pistol is a necessity. Keeping his gun loaded and ready at all times is a matter of life and death
7 Blue Police Cap As a reminder of the good times before the apocalypse, Shane can be seen wearing a blue cap with ‘POLICE’ written on it
8 ‘22’ Necklace Shane was very fond of this accessory, and it is always seen around his neck. As a reminder of his glory days in high school, Shane wears his football jersey number.

Shane Walsh was cunning, brutal, and morally unstable, but the series’ first-ever antagonist did have some good (but questionable) qualities. He wanted those he held most dear to be safe. He might have been obsessed with Lori but his interest and care for her son, Carl, was genuine.

Being Rick’s partner prior to the apocalypse, he wears some clothes reminiscent to that of an officer of the law. Although he added a bit of his devil may care personality to his outfit. He has on a flannel shirt with a few buttons left open, cargo pants and trusty combat boots.

About Shane Walsh

Let’s be honest. Not a lot of people think that Shane was a lovable character, with his personality and obsessions. It doesn’t help the matter that he’s also the main antagonist. But what not a lot of people know is that Shane’s death was already planned before Season 2 started filming.

Before shooting the first episode of Season 1, Shane’s fate was already sealed. In fact, he wasn’t even supposed to be alive in the next season but was originally planned to die during the end of the first.

He is played by actor Jon Bernthal