Marianne Thornberry Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

Marianne Thornberry’s Overall Outfit

Marianne’s attire may not be very stylish, but that may be for the best. Can you imagine her filming lions out in the Serengeti wearing heels and flimsy dresses? Her whole outfit is designed for an adventurous life next to one of the most daring ecologists on earth, her husband Nigel Thornberry. Then of course, she must be equally daring if not more.

Her daily wardrobe can be summarized in a yellow vest, blue jeans, olive green, lace-up boots, a red bandanna ornamented with white patterns and oval reading glasses. Unless weather conditions demand for it, you wouldn’t normally see her wearing anything else. In the last couple of episodes of the series, she did change her wardrobe for more contemporary and less cartoonish clothes.

You could consider wearing her outfit from The Wild Thornberrys Movie as an alternative for this costume. All of that will be detailed ahead.

How to make Marianne Thornberry Costume

Marianne Thornberry Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Yellow fleece vest Her yellow vest looks like it’s made out of fleece, which seems extremely inconvenient for an ecologist working under really hot weather. You may choose a fresher alternative like this quilted polyester vest. If you find one around the height of your belly-button it would be even more accurate.
2 Turquoise jeggings You may very well choose to wear skinny, light-washed, blue jeans rolled up to your ankles or these turquoise jeggings. Both options resemble Marianne’s pants very well.
3 Olive green, lace-up, ankle boots For the entire run of the series, Marianne would be seen in what seems to be olive-green, lace-up, ankle boots like the ones suggested in the link to the left.
4 Red bandana To keep her hair from getting in the way and ruining the perfect shot, Marianne Thornberry keeps it tightly combed to the back and tied with a red bandana decorated with white patterns.
5 brown leather belt Holding her pants up, there’s a brown belt. Any brown belt at your disposal will work for this outfit.
6 Oval glasses Do your best to include oval-framed glasses to your Marianne outfit, as it is part of this character’s daily attire. We strongly advice you not to wear actual reading glasses that may damage your eyesight. The frame alone or reading glasses for costumes are the best way to go about it.
7 Prop camera Marianne is always behind the camera getting every important moment on tape, making sure not to miss a single moment of natural wonder. It’s only fair that you include this prop camera as part of your costume. Otherwise, a simple camera other than your phone’s will do too. You could also have fun making an old-school 8mm camera out of card boxes and what not.

Just in case you find the yellow vest a bit uncomfortable, you could consider this alternative. A Blue collar shirt featured in the The WIld Thornberrys Movie. A word of advice though. If you’re going to wear this collar shirt, try to swap those olive-green boots for brown, lace-up boots to keep it accurate when compared to the movie version.

About Marianne Thornberry

Marianne Thornberry is the fearless camera operator in charge of capturing and editing every minute of the nature documentary series: Nigel Thornberry’s Wild World. This skillful camarographer follows her husband to the most remote places on earth in search of exotic and elusive animals. Of course, being a mother means she also has to step in and settle arguments between her children and get involved in their education.

This lady can do it all, track down and videotape animals, raise her children and drive a massive 4x4 RV, but perhaps one of her toughest jobs is to keep her eccentric husband out of perilous encounters with dangerous animals.


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