Nigel Thornberry Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

Nigel Thornberry’s Overall Look

Nigel’s attire is pretty much the same as that of a zookeeper. Beige safari or bush shirt with four front pockets. Military green flat front shorts. Everything held in place with a green nylon-webbing belt wrapped around the waist and over the shirt. Beige, knee-high socks and brown, lace-up, chukka boots.

That’s everything regarding Nigel’s clothes, but part of his odd style includes a very thick mustache stretching to the sides with spiky edges and equally spiked hair.

How to make Nigel Thornberry Costume

Nigel Thornberry Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Short-sleeve safari shirt Nigel wears a beige, short-sleeve, safari shirt with four frontal pockets and two pockets on both sleeves. In the link to your left you’ll find a close imitation of that shirt, or if you have a beige guayabera, you can use that too. Just make sure it doesn’t have too many details.
2 Green shorts To chase animals constantly on the move on a hot day, Nigel wears military green flat front shorts. You can save yourself the hassle of going to the store by clicking on the link to your left or go on a little shopping trip and get any shorts just above your knees in a similar shade of green.
3 Beige, over-the-calf socks Spandex, cotton or wool. Any fabric is fine, just make sure they’re knee high and let them crumple a little bit, just like Nigel would. If you can match the color with the safari shirt, it would be perfect.
4 Gray, lace-up, dress boots It seems unusual for an ecologist exploring jungles and some the most unforgiving terrain with patent leather shoes, but if you’re looking for animals, you might as well do it in style. These gray, lace-up, cap-toe, chukka boots are the closest match to Nigel’s particular style.
5 Green, nylon webbing belt Nigel would wear a military green, nylon-webbing belt. Why he would wear it over his shirt remains a mystery, but it’s a must if you want to look like him. Wrap it around your waist and over your shirt and you should be good to go.
6 Binoculars Like every good observer of natural life and despite of his keen senses, Nigel would use binoculars to spot animals blending in the landscape. You don’t need professional binoculars for the purpose of this costume, but it would be a nice touch to add the ones suggested in the link. Those are fake binoculars made for costumes.

Nigel Thornberry Makeup

# Item Description
1 Red hair wig If you already have natural short red hair, just comb it in a spiky fashion. Otherwise, consider a wig and spike it up like Nigel would.
2 Large Nose Nigel has abnormally large nose.
3 Gnarly Teeth He also has quite big teeth.
4 Fake mustache it is of utmost importance that you include this in your costume. A red walrus-like mustache. If you have the facial hair for the task, by all means try to give it volume and spiky on the edges. You may prepare for this months ahead or click on the link to the left and find the perfect mustache for your costume.

About Nigel Thornberry

Nigel is the host of an award-wining documentary series about animals called Nigel Thornberry’s Wild World. Nigel has traveled around the world looking for some of the most elusive animals with his wife Marianne and his children: series’ protagonist Eliza, his older daughter Debbie, and the recently adopted Donnie and Darwin.

Nigels was knighted by the Queen of England and was even offered to be a professor at Oxford University, which he considered in order to give his family a chance to live a normal life, but he just couldn’t abandon a life of adventure and respectfully turned down the offer.


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