Flying Monkey (Wizard of Oz) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Flying Monkey’s Costume from Wizard of Oz

Start off the Flying Monkey costume with a set of grey furry or fleece top. Then pair it with monster arms and fuzzy pants also in grey. Recreate the monkey’s vest with a cut out of a blue shirt styled into a tight vest with red felt as triangular decoration or pattern. Nail the Flying Monkey look with wings, a sailor hat, and a blue monkey mask or face paint.

Flying Monkey costume details can be replicated with the pieces below:

Flying Monkey Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Grey Fleece Cop a fleece jacket for the texture.
2 Monster Gloves Pair the fleece with monster gloves with nails.
3 Fuzzy pants For the pants, weart this fuzzy pair of pants.
4 Blue shirt Cut this blue shirt into a cropped top and vest.
5 Red Felt Attach triangular patterns on the edges of the shirt-vest.
6 Blue Hat Decorate this blue hat with red felt details, too.
7 Black Wings Wear this pair of black wings.
8 Blue Face paint Paint the face to recreate the monkey’s face.
9 Blue Mask Or get this mask instead.
10 Full Costume You may also cop this full set costume.

About Flying Monkey

Flying Monkeys, also known as Winged Monkeys, are characters from The Wizard of Oz. They became popular for their portrayal at the 1939 adaptation of The Wizard of Oz film.

The monkeys were originally free creaturues but also often mischievous. They lost their freedom when they pranked the soon-to-be husband of Princess Gayelette, and threw him in the water which ruined his garb for his wedding day. The Princess enslaved them under the rule of the Golden Cap, whose bearer the monkeys have to obey. This cap came to be possessed by the Wicked Witch of the West who used the monkeys for her schemes. Eventually, Dorothy would hold the Golden Cap and set the monkeys to do good.