Bo Peep (Toy Story) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Bo Peep’s Costume from Toy Story

Bo Peep’s cute Renaissance-inspired costume can be recreated with modern pieces such as these ones below:

Bo Peep Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Pink Corset Get this blush-toned corset top.
2 Blue Waist Belt Put a blue accent with this waist belt.
3 White Skirt Wear this white skirt.
4 Pink stickers Decorate the skirt with polka dots all over.
5 Petticoat Wear a petticoat for volume.
6 Pink Polka Dot Fabric You may also layer this fabric over the petticoat as alternative.
7 Pink Tulle Cut a piece of pink tulle and use as small draping on top of the waist.
8 Blue Leg Warmers Cop this blue leg warmers, too.
9 White Ankle Socks Wear white socks.
10 Black Mary Janes Pair the socks with this pair.
11 Yellow Wig Style your hair with a yellow wig in an updo.
12 Pink Bonnet Top the wig with a pink bonnet.
13 Blue Cane Carry this blue shepherd’s cane.
14 Full Costume You may also get this Lil Bo Peep costume set.
15 Full costume #2 Based on toy story 4 outfit

Bo Peep costume is composed of a pink and blue vintage corset-style gown with pink polka dots on the skirt. You may get the corset and skirt separately. Cop a white skirt and decorate with pink polkadots.

To match the cute skirt, get blue leg warmers, white socks, and black mary jane shoes. She also has a blonde hair and a pink bonnet hat. Complete the costume with blue shepherd’s cane.

About Bo Peep

Bo Peep is a female character in the hit animated franchise Toy Story. She was a supporting character in the first three films but played a big role in the fourth film.

She is described as a shepherdess who sometimes looses her sheep. She also comes as a sassy and cool character, not much of a damsel in distress. Bo Peep is made of porcelain and is seen as Woody’s girlfriend in the films.