Feather Duster (Plumette) Costume from Beauty and the Beast for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Feather Duster Costume

Plumette Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Renaissance Top Keep it feminine and simple with a black renaissance top.
2 Black and White Puff Skirt Match your top with a puffy black and white skirt.
3 Black Fishnets Add a little sizzle to your outfit with a pair of black fishnet tights.
4 Black Pumps Keep it simple with classy black pumps.
5 French Maid Accessories Wear a white apron and lace accessories to look like a castle maid.
6 White Feather Gloves Add a little pizzazz to your outfit with this pair of white feather gloves.

The Feather Duster (named Fifi or Plumette) is Lumiere’s girlfriend. She was originally one of the castle’s maids but was cursed by the Enchantress to become a feather duster like the other maids. She is very flirtatious and can be easily jealous.

The Feather Duster is definitely one of the more alluring and womanly characters in the movie. She wears a black renaissance top, a black and white puffy skirt, a maid’s apron and headband, and white feather gloves.

About Feather Duster

Plumette, also known as the Featherduster, is a charming and vivacious character from Disney’s animated film “Beauty and the Beast.” She appears as a supporting character in both the original animated film and its live-action adaptation.

In her human form, Plumette is a beautiful young woman with long, flowing hair. However, due to a curse cast upon the castle by an enchantress, she spends most of her time transformed into an anthropomorphic feather duster. Despite this magical transformation, Plumette remains optimistic and upbeat throughout the story.

Plumette serves as one of the castle’s many enchanted objects brought to life. She works as the head maid and confidante to Belle, the film’s protagonist. Plumette is married to Lumiere, the charismatic candelabra who becomes one of Belle’s closest allies.

As a feathery feather duster, Plumette possesses a graceful and elegant demeanor that matches her appearance. Her flirtatious nature results in some playful interactions with Lumiere throughout the film. The two share a deep love for each other, even in their transformed state.

Throughout “Beauty and the Beast,” Plumette provides support and encouragement to both Belle and the Beast. She takes part in lively musical sequences such as “Be Our Guest” while showcasing her agile movements gracefully dusting away at various surfaces.

Plumette’s loyalty to her friends is evident when she joins forces with other enchanted objects in defending the castle against Gaston and his unruly mob during the climactic battle. Her bravery shines through as she stands up for what she believes in alongside Lumiere and their fellow household items.

In addition to her charm and grace, Plumette showcases resilience in persevering through challenging circumstances. Like all enchanted objects within the castle, she yearns for freedom from her current state by breaking the curse cast upon them. This desire fuels her determination throughout the story.

Plumette’s character embodies the theme of inner beauty, highlighting that appearances can be deceiving. Despite her transformed appearance, Plumette’s warm personality and unwavering spirit make her a beloved character in “Beauty and the Beast.” Her positive energy and devotion to her friends contribute to the overall message of love, acceptance, and breaking free from prejudice.

In conclusion, Plumette is a delightful character in “Beauty and the Beast” who brings warmth, humor, and loyalty to the enchanted castle. Her resilience, grace, and vivacity make her an important part of Belle’s journey and a beloved member of the film’s ensemble cast.

Feather Duster was voiced by Kimmy Roberston in the original 1991 animated Disney film, Beauty and the Beast. She is also know for her roles in Honey, I Shrunk the Kids and Ollie & Scoops.

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