Abby Park (Turning Red) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

How to Make Abby Park’s Costume from Turning Red

Abby Park Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Purple Turtleneck Wear this turtleneck as the first layer of your look.
2 Purple Overalls You can also wear this purple overalls.
3 Appliques For an added fun touch to the look, add these cute patches.
4 Purple Watch Keep the color scheme uniform with this watch.
5 Rainbow Bands She also has this friendship band.
6 Maroon Shoes Add a pop of color to the look with these maroon sneakers.
7 Heart Earrings Keep the look cute with these earrings.
8 Headband Add the headband to your look to complete it, too.

Abby is known as one of the balls of sunshine in the group. Her plump and short stature make people describe her as cute, too. To complete her look, wear a turtleneck and overalls that match in color. You can also add patches to the overalls. Complete her look with her rainbow bracelet, her watch, and her heart earrings.

About Abby Park

Abby Park is a character from the animated film Turning Red. Abby is of Korean descent. She is one of Mei Lin’s best friend. In the film, she is seen as a great ball of energy. Abby is a also a fan of 4-Town.