Priya Mangal (Turning Red) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Priya Mangal’s Costume from Turning Red

Priya Mangal Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Yellow Shirt Start with this yellow sirt with collar.
2 Striped Shirt Then top it off with a striped shirt.
3 Khaki Pants You can wear your khaki pants to match with you pants, too.
4 White Sneakers Be on your most comfortable with a pair of white sneakers, too.
5 Rainbow Bands Priya also got her rainbow bands on her arm.
6 Watch On the opposite arm, she got her watch,too.
7 Gold Earrings Match the yellow tone of her clothes with a pair of earrings.
8 Brown Wig Bring the costume to the next level with this brown wig.
9 Eye Glasses You can also wear rounded eye glasses to top the look.

Priya may have a quiet or reserved personality but her outfit screams color. She got a striped long-sleeved yellow shirt. She styled it with light-colored pants and white sneakers, too. To complete your Priya costume, be sure to add your curly wig and rounded eye glasses. Priya’s costume can use a little bit of sassy and cool attitude to go along with it, too!

About Priya Mangal

Priya Mangal is a character from the animated film Turning Red. Priya is one of the best friends of the protagonist, Meilin. She likes reading vampire novels. Priya is also a fan of 4-Town. Among her group of friends, she is known to be the more chill one among her friends.