Miriam Mendelsohn (Turning Red) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Miriam Mendelsohn’s Costume from Turning Red

Miriam Mendelsohn Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Green Shirt You can start the costume by wearing this green shirt.
2 Plaid Shirt Layer a green plaid shirt on top.
3 Olive Pants Keep the look green with this pair of pants.
4 Purple Shoes Add another shade of color with these shoes.
5 Friendship Band Like her friends, Miriam also wears this rainbow bracelet.
6 Green Ribbon On another arm, you can also wear a strip of this ribbon.
7 Earrings Keep the look close to her get-up with these earrings, too.
8 Braided Wig Be sure to wear a brown wig and then part them in half to get Miriam’s hair style.
9 Green Beanie Top off her costume with this cool beanie.

Miriam Mendelsohn’s look is easy to recrete! It’s also very casual so you can use the pieces in many other ways! Start off with a light green shirt under a plaid one. Then pair them with olive-colored pants and a pair of purple shoes. If you do not have brown hair, you can wear a wig and braid them on each side before topping it off with a beanie.

About Miriam Mendelsohn

Miriam Mendelsohn is character from the animated film Turning Red. She is one of Meilin’s best friends. In the film, she is described as fun-loving and kind and a bit of a tomboy. Miriam is also a fan of Aaron T and 4Town.