Kenny Powers (Eastbound & Down) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Kenny Powers’ Costume

Eastbound And Down Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Charros Baseball Shirt Look for a green baseball shirt from Charros team.
2 White Baseball Pants Pair up the shirt with white baseball pants.
3 Green Belt Fasten your pants with a green belt.
4 Green Socks Put on long green socks.
5 Black Sports Shoes Get a pair of black sport shoes to wear.
6 Green Baseball Cap Match the outfit with a green baseball cap.
7 American Flag Put on an American flag as a cape.
8 Brown Mullet Wig and Beard Combo Get a combo brown mullet wig and fake beard.
9 Black Sport Glasses Put on a pair of sport glasses in black lens.
10 Baseball Bat Carry a baseball bat as a prop.

Kenny Powers has many famous look in the show. He wears a green Charros baseball shirt, white baseball pants with green stripes, green socks, a green belt, an American flag cape, a green cap, black glasses, and black sport shoes. Do you want to recreate Kenny Powers’ look? Checkout our item list down below!

About Kenny Powers

Kenny Powers is a protagonist in an HBO comedy Eastbound & Down about a burned-out baseball player from major league who returns to his hometown as a Physical Education teacher at his old middle school. After welcomed by the fame nationwide, from New York to San Francisco, Kenny Powers’ enthusiasm then started to wear out.

Before long after losing directions, Kenny Powers decide to go back to his hometown of Shelby in North Carolina to become a gym teacher at his former school, Jefferson Davis Middle School. Here, he deals with a lot of funny situation and hilarious people.