Aziraphale & Crowley (Good Omens) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Aziraphale Costume

Aziraphale Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Dress Shirt Start off your prim and proper attire with a simple white dress shirt.
2 Brown Tweed Vest Look extra dapper in a brown tweed vest.
3 Khaki Dress Pants Stick to the simple brown theme of your outfit with a pair of khaki pants.
4 Khaki Trench Coat Keep yourself warm and cosy with a long khaki trench coat.
5 Brown Oxfords Go for the classic look with a pair of brown Oxfords.
6 Brown Bowtie Accessorize with an adorable brown bowtie.
7 Short White Wig Get Aziraphale’s signature look with this short white wig.

Aziraphale is an angel who lives on Earth. He doubles as a book dealer and loves interacting and watching humans. His preference for the human race and their restaurants is the reason why he wants to prevent the coming apocalypse. He is also best friends with a demon called Crowley.

Aziraphale blends with the crowd with his very smart and proper outfit. He wears a bow tie, brown suit, and a beige overcoat.

How to Make Crowley Costume

Crowley Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Grey Shirt Start off your Crowley outfit with a simple grey shirt.
2 Black Suit Vest Style up by wearing a black vest above your t-shirt.
3 Black Wool Coat Look cool and cozy in a black wool coat.
4 Black Jeans Keep to the dark theme with a pair of black jeans.
5 Black Ankle Boots Look extra chic and fashionable in a pair of black ankle boots.
6 Steampunk Style Round Sunglasses Crowley’s steampunk-style round sunglasses are iconic.
7 Temporary Snake Tattoo Don’t forget to add Crowley’s snake tattoo as details to your costume.
8 Orange Mid-Length Wig Another iconic Crowley style is his mid-length orange hair.

Crowley doesn’t see himself as a fallen angel and claims that he simply “sauntered vaguely downwards.” As much as he would like to think of himself as evil, overall, Crowley is a non-threatening demon with a somewhat decent moral compass. However, Crowley is no strategist as his actions often backfire.

Crowley is naturally curious, endearingly sarcastic, and truly imaginative. He wears a grey shirt, a black vest, a black wool coat, black jeans, black boots, steampunk-style round glasses, and a mid-length orange wig.

About Crowley

Crowley was portrayed by David Tennant. Tennant is also known for his roles in Doctor Who, Jessica Jones, Fright Night, and DuckTales.

About Aziraphale

Aziraphale was portrayed by Michael Sheen. Sheen is also known for his roles in Masters of Sex, Frost/Nixon, The Queen, and Midnight in Paris.

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