Waldo & Wenda Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

Waldo And Wenda Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Waldo and Wenda Costumes

# Item Description
1 bobbled hat Waldo is a world traveler, so it’s not unusual to find him exploring cold places from time to time. Good thing he always has his handy red and white bobbled hat. If you don’t have one of those at hand, a red and white beanie bag will do the job. This also applies to Wenda.
2 Round frame glasses One of the key elements in Waldo’s outfit is his pair of round glasses with thick frames. Those are readily available in virtually any costume shop, but if you wan’t to have them delivered to your front door, go ahead and click on the link to check them out.
3 White and red striped, long-sleeve sweater The main reason Waldo and Wenda stand out from the crowd is the white and red stripes sweater they wear to every adventure. So whether you dress up as Waldo or Wenda, this is an absolute must.
4 Relaxed blue jeans For Waldo, you’ll want to get some relaxed blue jeans although tapered blue pants work well too. All that matters is that you wear blue pants of some sort, so slip into anything blue you’re comfortable with.
5 Brown loafers Brown loafers are perfect, but anything slightly similar will work too.
6 Waldo costume Of course, you could just wrap up the whole search process of putting together the costume on your own and just order the whole thing in the link to your left.
7 Wooden cane Let’s not forget to include Waldo’s magical walking stick. A wooden cane is all that’s needed.

Wenda Alternative

# Item Description
1 Cat eye glasses These are pretty much old secretary lady glasses. They come with thick spiky frames. Any kind of reading glasses would do, but if it’s detail you want, try to get a pair of these.
2 Blue jean short skirt It would perfect for your costume to have a blue denim skirt, but if the closest thing you have is a blue skirt, then you go ahead and use that.
2 Red and white striped tube socks This fun piece of clothing will match your sweater perfectly. For authenticity’s sake, we encourage you to get the longest socks you can get with this pattern. Otherwise you could use some leggings and it would be just as accurate.
3 Wenda costume Ultimately, you could just take a few minutes to order the whole thing. This Wenda set is perfect for any costume party so it’s worth checking out.
4 White and red striped umbrella This umbrella is to Wenda, what the walking stick is to Waldo. if you want to go the extra mile, Make sure to have an red and white stripped umbrella like this one as part of your costume.
5 Brown loafers Like Waldo, Wenda also likes to walk around in comfortable shoes, which is why she chooses her brown loafers over anything else. These are not hard to find, but you could always save some time clicking the link on the left.

Waldo and Wenda - True Hipster Couple Before It Was Mainstream

Waldo and Wenda are the stars of the Where’s Waldo? puzzle book series and even though they hide in plain sight, their outfits are designed to stand out amongst the crowd, and what better way to do that than taking your everyday hipster and giving a comedic spin to it.

Here we have two world travelers in white and red stripes sweaters with a matching bobbled hats and glasses with thick frames. Waldo wears blue jeans a brown loafers, while Wenda wears a blue denim skirt, long tube socks matching the pattern of her sweater and brown loafers.

About Waldo and Wenda

Waldo is the protagonist of a puzzle book series for kids released for the first time in 1987 under the title “Where’s Wally?” or “Where’s Waldo” for audiences in the United States and Canada. He was originally conceived to be the center piece of a collection of two-paged landscapes that would take up to eight weeks for artist Martin Handford to draw by hand.

The objective is to find Waldo in painstakingly detailed pictures populated with all sorts of characters misleadingly resemblant to Waldo to trick the reader. At some point, other characters were added to the search, like Welma, Waldo’s girlfriend and the one responsible for taking the pictures of the landscapes where Waldo is hiding. She was first introduced in “The Magnificent Poster Book” (1991) and became a recurrent character ever since.


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