Vampirina Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make a Vampirina Costume

Vampirina Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Dress, cobweb-print Vampirina’s cute little dress is a piece that is definitely cute and girlie, no matter the print or colors.
2 T-shirt, pink To offset the dark dress, this bright pink short sleeve T-shirt goes under and creates some brightness. It’s just like what a girl her age would wear.
3 Headband, necklace, costume Vampirina has bat wing ponytail’s that you can mimic with this headband. The necklace is a cute but creepy piece she wears around her neck.
4 Socks, pink The pink socks match her pink shirt and add that girlie childish vibe she needs.
5 Fangs, costume You will need fangs for you costume because no matter how cute Vampirina is, she is what her name suggests, a vampire.
6 Paint, body, blue Her body is entirely blue, so for a great costume you could paint your body to match hers.
7 Boots, black The boots she wears are sort of reminiscent of Timberland boots, and are of course very black.
8 Blue fingerless gloves She also wears blue fingerless gloves
9 Full Costume For little girls full costume is available

Vampirina is a cute little girl, that just happens to be a vampire as well. Her outfit is also just a little on the spooky side of the spectrum, but you really can’t say it’s cute.

Though she may wear a black cobweb printed dress, it’s cut in a very cute way and she also wears a pink T-shirt under it. She wears matching pink socks under her black booties that are similar to Timberland boots.

Around her neck she has a little black skull necklace that is just a little creepy. Her hair is shaped into two ponytails that are kind of like bat wings that are easily turned into a headband you can wear. The two very vampire characteristics she has are her fangs and her blue skin.

Vampirina Makeup/Hair Look Tutorial

Vampirina has simple makeup that will be very easy to replicate. The only though part is that her entire body is blue, but you can do that easily by following this tutorial.

About Vampirina

Vampirina is the star of of her own Disney show. She is a little girl vampire that moves from Transylvania to Pennsylvania and has to deal with being the new kid in a new town.

Vampirina is actually from a book series of the same name, but in the TV show, she is voiced byIsabella Cramp.