Asgore (Undertale) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Asgore’s Costume from Undertale

Here are some items you can grab to dress like Asgore:

Asgore Dreemurr Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black bodysuit Use this as base of your costume
2 Purple Cape Start the royal look with a purple cape.
3 Yellow Paper Cut shoulder top pieces from a yellow roll of paper or board.
4 Mid-length Wig Cop a blonde or light colored wig in medium length.
5 Beard Pair wig with a beard.
6 Crown Get a fake crown.
7 Horns Style the head and the crown with a pair of horns headband.
8 Mask You can use goat/sheep mask as good alternate choice
9 Red Trident Weapon of choice for devils
10 Hoodie optional hoodie

As Ruler of the Underworld, you can expect Asgore’s outfit to command attention fit for a king. Asgore’s costume is composed of a regal purple cape with yellow shoulder guard. He also has yellow or blonde hair and beard, a crown, and a set of horns on his head.

About Asgore Dreemurr

Asgore Dreemurr is a character the game franchise “Undertale”. He is the ruler of the Underworld. Asgore is also introduced as father of Asriel. In the game, he adopted the first human.

Asgore is also considered as one of the antagonists. In Neutral Route series, he is even the final boss the player has to go through. Despite being a monster, he is described as kind and loves to garden. While he needs to collect human souls, he feel bad in having to kill anyone but knows he is bound by duty to protect his realm.

Image Credit: Pinterest