Charlotte Flair Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Charlotte Flair’s Costume

Charlotte Flair Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Green Corset Start the costume with a green corset.
2 Feather Shrug Then style it with a feather shrug.
3 Green Shorts Pair the corset with these cute shorts.
4 Green Robe Top it all off with this robe.
5 Applique If you want to add more texture to the robe, add appliques, too.
6 Blonde Wig She is also known for her amazing hair, so be sure to wear this wig.

If you want a head-turning costume, be sure to check out Charlotte Flair’s outfit! You can dress like her by wearing a corset with a pair of shorts and top it off with a feathered shrug. Then, top the costume off with a green robe that is styled with various appliques to resemble peacock patterns. Nail her look by wearing a blonde wig, too.

About Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Flair is an American wrestler. She is signed under WWE and is known for her appearance in the SmackDown brand of events. She is also the current champion in SmackDown Women’s division (also her 6th record-setting reign).