Deadpool Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make a Deadpool (Wade Wilson) Costume

Deadpool Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Bodysuit, Deadpool Deadpool’s body suit is a very unique suit with a black pattern on mostly red material. The colors suit his character very well and make him look dark and playful at the same time.
2 Hood, Deadpool Though this hood hides his face, Deadpool is still a visual character, and you can tell his emotions or facial expressions just by hearing what he says.
3 Belt, utility This utility belt has Deadpool’s sign in the middle of it and is one of the many extra accessories he wears.
4 Gloves, leather Deadpool wears these gloves that match the red and black of his bodysuit. They make it easier so he doesn’t have to get his hands hurt or dirty while fighting, they also hide his deformities.
5 Holsters, leg These leg holsters are connected by a belt that goes under the utility belt that we already have. The layered effect only makes the outfit look cooler.
6 Set, ninja swords Deadpool uses many ninja-inspired weapons such as katana blades and throwing stars in his mass of weapons.
7 Pistol, costume You’ll want to buy several of these Pistols to keep on you as Deadpool has many.
8 Knife, rubber This rubber knife is a cool item that comes with its own holster. It is definitely something Deadpool would have.
9 Boots, military These boots help Deadpool with his assassin or mercenary look by giving him more of a military vibe.

Deadpool is one of those characters that is always armed to the teeth and seems to have a spare weapon hidden in every corner and crack of his bodysuit, surprisingly. His outfit is very similar to Spiderman’s suit, being that it is a one-piece suit with a tight hood hiding the identity of the wearer.

For a costume, the base of the body suit and hood is pretty simple, but you will need various weapons and holsters for all of said weapons.

About Deadpool

Deadpool is a greatly loved character in the Marvel franchise. He is a smart-mouthed, deeply-disturbed, and very mentally-unstable mercenary that is very funny and intelligent despite his faults.

He is favorite of many for being a very middle character, sometimes showing morality and mercy, and at other times losing it and being insane. In the movies, he is played by Ryan Reynolds who brings his character to life like no other can.