Genie (Aladdin) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Genie Costume

Genie Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Light Blue Long-Sleeved Shirt Wear a light blue long-sleeved to imitate the Genie’s blue skin.
2 Blue Harem Pants Partner your top with dark blue harem pants.
3 Red Cumberbund Keep your outfit looking well with this red cumberbund.
4 Blue Turban Add a more Middle Eastern vibe to your outfit with this awesome blue turban.
5 Light Blue Body Paint Paint the remaining parts of your body with light blue body paint.
6 Gold Arm Cuffs Don’t forget to accessorize with gold arm cuffs.
7 Fiber Stuffing Create a magical poof effect with fiber stuffing. Paste it all over your pants.
8 Aladdin’s Lamp Attach Aladdin’s lamp at the bottom of your pants to make it seem like you’re floating from it.
9 Costume Set No time to DIY? Get this costume set instead.

Anyone who has watched Disney’s Aladdin knows the Genie. Who would ever forget this larger than life comedian and overall powerfully magical being?

The Genie is a breath of fresh air in the otherwise serious movie and is often the instigator for laughs.

The Genie is known for his blue skin, occasional harem pants, red sash, gold arm cuffs, and huge smile. Here’s everything you need to look like the Genie.

About Genie

The Genie was first voiced by celebrated comedian Robin Williams.

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