Vi Costume from Arcane for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Vi’s Costume from Arcane

Vi Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Full Costume Here is a full costume for Vi.
2 White Top The DIY costume can be done with a white tank top.
3 Cropped Bolero Add a cropped cardigan or bolero to the costume.
4 Striped Pants Wear striped pants to match her full costume.
5 Belt Add various belts as you see fit.
6 White Gloves Get white gloves to the look to represent her wrapped arms.
7 Thigh Belt Wear these mini belts on your thighs.
8 High Sneakers Wear one of these sneakers on your right foot.
9 Boots Then, get one boot to wear on the opposite foot.
10 Red Wig Add red wig to your costume.
11 Makeup Use this eyeliner for your makeup and the tattoo on the face.

Vi’s outfit is composed of a white top, red cardigan, striped pants, and mismatched boots. She also has various belts on her waist and thighs. To complete the costume, be sure to rock her red hair with a nice wig. Draw her VI tattoo using eyeliner, too.

About Vi

Vi is a character from the animated show Arcane. Due to the popularity of the game League of Legends, a dedicated animated show was created for the franchise. Vi, aka Violet, is a Zaunite vigilante and the sister of Jinx. She is described as a hothead who excels at fighting and using her fists.