Elvis Presley Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make the Legendary Rock King Elvis Presley Costume

Elvis Presley Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Satin Top If you don’t have access to those amazing disco costumes, a white satin top is a good alternative. Just make sure to unbutton the first few buttons to make a deep V collar.
2 White Retro Pants Pair your awesome top with white flared pants, and add glittering details to make it look more flashy.
3 Red Scarf A glittery red scarf is a great and loud accessory to have so don’t forget that as well.
4 Black Oxfords Elvis loves a classic pair of black Oxfords so wear those with your costume.
5 Retro Sunglasses Be one with the times and wear a pair of vintage sunglasses.
6 Black Wig No Elvis costume is complete without an awesome Elvis wig.
7 Inflatable Guitar He might be an amazing singer, but Elvis was also a great musician so bring an inflatable guitar as a prop.
8 Full Costume Set If you don’t want to keep hunting down stuff for your costume, you can always buy a full costume set!

There is only one King of Rock and Roll, and that is Elvis Presley. He might not have had the best childhood, but he soon rose to fame through his hard work. Elvis became popular for his deep baritone that made women swoon. Couple that amazing voice with his equally awesome dance moves, and you know that he’s a star!

Elvis has had many popular outfits throughout his career, and this outfit is one of his more famous ones. Here he wears an all-white ensemble, with pops of red and glittering details. He sports on his famous sideburns and iconic hairstyle. Here’s everything you need to look like Elvis Presley.

About Elvis Presley

During his childhood, Elvis Presley was bullied and ostracized in school. He was a loner, was thought to be a mama’s boy, and was known for being ‘crazy about music.’ But he was failing his music class and his teacher told him that he couldn’t sing. Well, they were in for a surprise when Elvis became the King of Rock and Roll!

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