Connor Kenway (Assassins Creed) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Connor Kenway Costume

Connor Kenway Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Button-down Vest Connor wears a simple button-down vest as his primary top, freeing his arms from too many layers and allowing unobstructed movement ideal for running around and fighting.
2 Snug Fit Gray Pants Great for stealth and good leg movement, Connor prefers wearing gray pants that fit snuggly to his legs.
3 White Hooded Robe To get the nearest possible to Connor’s single-layered hood, you might need to make some adjustments; but this robe is a great base. Make the sleeves tighter around your arms, cut the lower part of the robe for the iconic asymmetrical design that the Assassin’s Order favors, cut the hood into the beak-shaped design, and add blue cloth details for the perfect Connor robe!
4 Brown Native American Fringe Boots Connor takes pride in his Native American heritage and his shoes favor this kind of design. To create the thigh-high, wrap-around look, add brown faux leather cloth above your shoes and tie this with another piece of cloth.
5 Brown Leather Belt Strap To show his ties with the Order, Connor wears the Assassin’s Insignia around his waist secured by a brown leather strap.
6 Red Pirate Sash Like many other assassins, Connor wears a plain red sash around his waist, just beneath his insignia belt. He wears his in a thinner width and wrapped around the buckle.
7 Single Arm Guard Connor also wears an arm guard on his left arm
8 Gloves brown leather gloves on both hands for better protection when using his weapons and fighting.
9 Shoulder Strap Pouch Another easy do-it-yourself is to use these materials as the basis for Connor’s shoulder strap. Attach two brown leather straps to each other and sew it on with the brown leather waist pouch for that assassin effect.
10 Assassin’s Tomahawk Inspired by a type of single-handed axe that originated from North America, the Assassin’s Tomahawk is one of Connor’s most notable weapons.
11 Full Costume Available for better look

Set during the time of the American Revolutionary War made it possible for Connor Kenway to be born to a British father and a Native American mother. Growing up with his mother, Connor’s outfit has designs that are heavily influenced by Native American culture, like his necklace, boots, and choice of weapons. He also dons on his rendition of the iconic Assassin’s Order robes, mostly favoring the color blue.

Due to having fewer layers, Connor’s outfit is great for agility. Through a little customizing, you can get the perfect Connor outfit with these pieces.

About Connor Kenway

After focusing more on Desmond’s maternal ancestors for most of the games, Assassin’s Creed 3 introduces fans to his paternal bloodline. In this game, we meet Connor Kenway, the first of the Kenways in the franchise. Born as Ratonhnhakѐ:ton to Haytham Kenway and Kaniehtí:io, Connor became an assassin after the burning of his tribe’s village. But what a lot of fans want to know is how Connor and Edward Kenway are related.

Edward Kenway, the main protagonist of Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, is a daring, sea-faring assassin who father two children one of which was Haytham Kenway, making Connor his grandson.