Jennifer Parker (Back to the Future) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Jennifer Parker Costume

Jennifer Parker Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Shirt white oversize button down
2 Vest oversize blue denim
3 Purse floral white with pink flowers
4 Leggings long slim strap in a beige color
5 Tennis shoes white
6 Socks thick white, roll over pants
7 Full Costume More accurate look in different sizes

Jennifer has a very kind and open-hearted personality. Her style and fashion-sense are also very sweet and her clothes make her appear even softer.

She has several different outfits that she appears in during the movies by the one that she is by far most known for if the outfit from the second Back to the Future movie.

This outfit is very simple to put together and is a very 80s style look. Here’s what you need for this version of a Jennifer Parker costume.

To finish off this look, curl your hair into big loose curls and give it a bit of a tease; try to mimic an 80s big hairstyle. You also use a wig, if you have short hair.

This is a great costume for anyone, and if you want, you can get your significant other to be your Marty Mcfly and easily turn this into a cool couple costume!

About Jennifer Parker from Back to the Future

Jennifer Parker plays Marty Mcfly’s girlfriend throughout the Back to the Future movie series. She acts a shoulder for Marty to lean on and is always there to give him a kind word and to cheer him up. Marty is deeply in love with her and their relationship is serious enough that Marty introduces her to Doc Brown and shows her the DeLorean time machine.

Instead of freaking out about the time travel machine, she is strong and positive and wonders about her life in the future. Though Jennifer is not always a very active character in the movie’s and she may not seem too special, she does time travel with Marty in some part during the Back to the Future movies.