Miss Argentina (Beetlejuice) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Miss Argentina the Dead Receptionist Costume

Miss Argentina Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Red Strapless Dress Show off your winning beauty queen body in a red strapless number.
2 Red Heels Pair your dress with beautiful red heels.
3 Red Cape Put on a slight vampy look to your Miss Argentina outfit with this sheer red cape.
4 Red Wig Updo This red wig is a great alternative to Miss Argentina’s intricate hairstyle.
5 Sash Don’t forget your beauty queen sash!
6 Teal Body Paint Make sure you have the same shade of teal that Miss Argentina sports in the afterlife.
7 Full Costume Set If you don’t want to buy your stuff individually, you can always get this costume set.
8 Handbook for the Recently Deceased As a recently deceased, it will be handy.
9 Slit Wrist Since Miss Receptionist committed suicide by cutting her wrist, these will help you in getting the same effect.

Miss Argentina became one of the Netherworld’s receptionists when she committed suicide. She was briefly shown in the film when Adam and Barbara were in the waiting room.

She must have been dead for some time because she looks bored and doesn’t seem to care about the problems of the recently deceased. One thing’s for certain. She’s regretting slitting her wrists since her job wasn’t worth it.

Miss Argentina still looks fabulous for someone who’s been dead for a while. She has green-tinged skin with blindingly red hair put up in an elegant updo.

She also wears a sexy strapless dress and a sheer red cape. Here’s everything you need to look like Miss Argentina from Beetlejuice.

About Miss Argentina

Miss Argentina was portrayed by Patrice Martinez.

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