Mystique (X-Men) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Mystique (X-Men) Costume

Mystique Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Blue Spandex Full-Bodysuit Cover your skin with a blue spandex bodysuit to recreate Mystique’s iconic skin.
2 White Side Slit Dress Put on a plain white side slit dress. If your dress doesn’t exactly match the original, you can customize it yourself by cutting the front of the dress to shorten it.
3 Skull prop Attach a number of small skull props on your plain belt with glue and place it over you hip.
4 White Gloves Wear a pair of all white gloves.
5 White Thigh High Boots Match your outfit with a pair of thigh high boots.
6 Red Medium-Length Wig To recreate Mystique hair, put on a red wig with medium length.
7 Yellow Contact Lens If you’re comfortable, wear yellow contact lens to get the real mutant look.
8 Blue Facial Paint Dye your face with blue color to match your body skin.
9 Space Pistol Gun Prop Don’t forget to carry a pistol gun prop as you’re a lethal killer.

Mystique has an iconic look of blue skin, red hair, and yellow eyes. According to her classic comic-book look, Mystique wears a white side slit dress with no sleeves, white gloves, white thigh high boots, and a skeleton belt. She also carries a pistol as she’s ready to fight her enemies. If you wish to recreate this look, checkout our item list down below!

About Mystique

Mystique is one of the well-known villains from X-Men film series and comics. In the cinematic world, the character are played by Jennifer Lawrence and Rebecca Romijn. Mystique is a dangerous shape-shifting mutant villain originated in X-Men, an American comic book that born under Marvel umbrella.

She killed several people who are involved in the mutant affair. Beside the ability to change her appearance and voice to be someone else, her genetic gift grants her a slow aging (she’s said to be 100 years old, yet look youthful as if she’s in her 20s) and enhances her strength so she’s very capable of fighting.