Blue and Steve (Blue’s Clues) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2019

Costumet Team

Steve and Blue are almost inseparable once upon a time. Everyone (yes, even parents!) were enchanted by this pre-school powerhouse duo.

Steve was a happy-go-lucky guy who was mostly clueless about his surroundings and needs the help of his various household things to understand what his dog’s trying to tell him. But Blue the puppy is smart enough to leave bright, paw print clues everywhere!

Dressing up like Steve and Blue is easy! You don’t actually need to look like a dog (if you don’t want to!). Just wear an oversized green-striped rugby shirt, khaki pants, and brown shoes for Steve and a light blue dress with dark blue polka dots for Blue. Here’s everything you need to look like Steve and Blue from Blue’s Clues.

Blues Clues Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Dress Like Blue - DIY Costume

# Item Description
1 Light Blue Dress Shirt Blue’s fur is a light blue color so this dress is a wonderful alternative.
2 Light Blue Sneakers Pair your light blue dress with awesome light blue sneakers.
3 Dark Blue Fabric Paint Blue has darker spots all over her fur so use this fabric paint to make some on your dress.
4 Light Blue Cardstock Use this cardstock to draw Blue’s ears and then cut them out.
5 Light Blue Headband Paste your cut-out Blue ears on this headband so you can wear it.
6 Blue Toddler Onesie You can also go with your little baby as Blue in this adorable onesie.

How to Dress Like Steve - DIY Costume

# Item Description
1 Green-Striped Long-Sleeved Rugby Shirt Steve wears an oversized green-striped rugby shirt. This one is a good enough substitute.
2 Khaki Pants Steve also wears a pair of simple khaki pants.
3 Black Leather Belt Steve wears a black leather belt around his waist to prevent his pants from falling off.
4 Brown Oxfords Steve likes his simple brown Oxfords.
5 Handy Dandy Notebook Don’t forget to bring along your Handy Dandy notebook so you can spot the clues.

About Blue’s Clues

Steve was played by Steve Burns and Blue was voiced by Traci Paige Johnson.

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