Mr. Peanutbutter Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Mr. Peanutbutter Costume

Mr Peanutbutter Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Gray, v-neck t-shirt Mr. Peanutbutter’s gray, v-neck t-shirt comes with black hemming around the sleeves and the collar. Finding a t-shirt already made with those specific characteristics may be a bit tricky. Instead, cosplayers tend to sew a black, v-neck t-shirt to the inside of a gray one. Now, if crafts are not your thing, you can always whip out your trusty Sharpie marker and tint black collar and edges.
2 Turquoise track pants Dress up like the most famous golden Labrador on TV with these relaxed, turquoise pants. These pants also include a white stripe on the sides.
3 Orange sneakers Mr. Peanutbutter’s sneakers may be a be tricky to put together, but you can simplify things by getting something along the lines of these orange. Sure, these may be a bit to much for a costume, but keep in mind they’re just something for you to get an idea of what to get for your costume.
4 Golden retriever mask Like almost every character in the series, Mr. Peanutbutter is also an animal; a Golden Labrador Retriever to be specific. To get the look right, you my recur to prosthetics and body paint, but the easiest way to nail it down is with a latex mask like the one shown above.
5 Black aviator sunglasses The Canadian dog who made it big in the City of flowers and Sunshines by sheer luck, Mr. Peanutbutter, has been surrounded by stars ever since, and so he most look the part, hence the black aviator sunglasses he wears so glamorously on the top of his head.
6 Green rubber wristband Almost every time Mr. Peanutbutter shows up, he’s wearing what seems to be a green rubber wristband. Blank rubber wristbands are not hard to find, but to make things a little easier for you, here’s the link.
7 Brown leather wristband Along with a green, rubber wristband, you’ll want to use a brown, soft leather bracelet with a rustic clasp; just like the one Mr. Peanutbutter wears.
8 yellow body paint
Why not going the extra mile and dress like Mr. Peanutbutter down to the fur? All you need is apply this paint on your arms and neck.
9 Full Costume Full costume for better look

Mr. Peanutbutter’s fetching looks

Let’s take a look at the optimistic and confident Mr. Peanutbutter. This TV hot-shot is always on the look out for his next big hit and he does so in a comfortable sporty outfit that shows off his athletic physique.

He is usually seen wearing a slim, gray, v-neck t-shirt with black hemming around the collar and the arm openings.

His pants seem to be aquamarine sweatpants with white piping carefully tugged in his yellow and orange basketball sneakers.

Last, but not least, the most famous Golden Retriever on TV is known to wear black aviator sunglasses on his forehead and a pair of wristbands. A green rubber wristband and a brown leather bracelet with a rustic clasp.

This Golden Retriever never shies away from opportunities or trends, so it’s not surprising to catch a glimpse at some of his previous outfits over the years; but if you want a spot-on costume of Mr. Peanutbutter, stick to his present-day outfit. It’s easier to identify and more popular amongst fans.

About Mr. Peanutbutter

Mr. Peanutbutter (Paul F. Tompkins) lucks out on almost every aspect of his life. From the moment he stepped into the airplane to Los Angeles in the early 90’s, Peanutbutter was already destined to be a star with peculiar talents. For example, he co-piloted the very airplane that took him to California out of sheer self-confidence the same way he popped in a pilot episode of a Horsin’ Around knock off, which is how he became a household name in Hollywood.

Unfortunately, it is that same venturous positive nature what’s lead him into poor investment decisions or failed TV shows. This could also explain his failed marriages. First, to Katrina Peanutbutter, then to Jessica Biel and, more recently, to Diane Nguyen; BoJack’s ghostwriter.

One thing is for sure. It doesn’t matter how many times this Labrador gets knock down to his tail, he will always bounce back on his paws and chase any opportunity he can.


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