BoJack Horseman’s Party Animal Style

Time to foal around with Bojack Horseman costume. Here’s how:

Bojack Horseman Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Gray, two-button blazer BoJack may not very classy, but he does know how to rock his retirement in style. You’ll need a casual gray blazer for this one, preferably two-button. We recommend linen for versatility assuming you’ll want to use it for other occasions, but you may choose other types of fabric.
2 Blue, sweatshirt with X’s pattern Looking closely, you’ll notice BoJack is always wearing a blue, pullover sweater with X’s print right under his blazer. You can find a blue, long-sleeve t-shirt with the same pattern or do an extra effort and get that print on a blue pullover sweater with black fabric paint.
3 Slim, turquoise jeans For this one a pair of light-washed, tapered, blue jeans will do, but if you want something a bit closer to the animated series, try these slim, turquoise jeans. Either way, make sure to roll them up a little bit.
4 Red, All-Star Converse sneakers If you like this kind of shoes, you’re in for a treat. Plain and simple red All-Star Converse or anything close to it.
5 Horse mask A perfect mask for a costume party or almost any kind of party, really. A horse latex mask. These come in all sorts of colors, but to match BoJack’s markings, you might have to modify your mask a little by drawing a small white diamond in the middle of its eyes and a white triangle just a couple of inches below the diamond starting at the pink upper lip.
6 Brown aviator glasses From time to time, you’ll catch BoJack wearing brown, aviator sunglasses. To add a little shine to an already extravagant costume, you could throw in these glasses.
7 Full Costume Full costume if you don’t want to DIY

BoJack Horseman (voiced by Will Arnett) has gone through a number of changes in his wardrobe since the late 80’s. Way back when he was the most famous horse on TV, starring in the sitcom Horsin’ Around, he would normally wear light-washed blue jeans, red sneakers and an orange knitted sweater decorated with pink hemming, a pattern of X’s and apples.

Nowadays he walks around in a less colorful outfit. He put away his family-friendly facade and covered himself with a gray blazer and a blue pullover sweater imprinted with X’s, no apples this time. Some of his 90’s attire still remains to this day through his light-washed blue jeans and red, lace-up sneakers. That’s the look you’ll want go for when putting together you Bojack Horseman outfit.

About BoJack Horseman

BoJack Horseman used to be the star of Horsin’ Around, a hit 90’s sitcom very reminiscent of Full House and other real-life TV comedies at the time. Before his breakout role in Horsin’ Around, BoJack would present himself at stand-up comedy clubs not only to make a name for himself, but also to seek refuge from all the hardships of his life and mock his problems, always preferring to laugh at his own suffering rather than giving in to depression.

Now in his early 50’s, BoJack struggles to find purpose beyond his status of washed-up actor, but fails to make progress as he falls back into self-destructive habits such as drugs and alcohol. Although he has the the life of a millionaire, BoJack still deals with the aftermath of a traumatic childhood scarred by the constant fighting of a bickering mother and a resentful father.

As the series progresses, the has-been sitcom star faces the career challenges of a retired TV celebrity while working hard to stay relevant and preparing for a huge comeback that never seems to happen as he hasn’t been cast for another role in years. Only time will tell how everything will turn out for BoJack Horseman.


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