Princess Carolyn Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make a claw-some Princess Carolyn costume

Princess Carolyn Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Pink, sheer mesh, t-shirt Before you even get to the actual clothes you need to lay down a “foundation” of sorts to copy Carolyn’s pink fur. This first layer will require a pink, sheer mesh, long-sleeve t-shirt, which is a lot more comfortable than layers of pink bodypaint or spandex and it’s equally effective.
2 Pink panty hose You’ll want to do the same thing you did with your arms to your legs and wear pink panty hose to go along with the sheer mesh you’re wearing on top. It’s very important that you match thetone of pink of both, the long-sleeve t-shirt and the panty hose so it will look nice and even.
3 Green dress, yellow fish print (Option A) Alright, now on with the clothes. Start with the green, tube dress with a print of yellow fishes that Princess Carolyn wears on a daily basis. You could achieve this by cutting out little fishes from a yellow fabric of your choice and sewing it to your green tube dress or have that pattern embroidered.
4 Green dress, yellow fish print (Option B) a Princess Carolyn inspired dress. Other option is to get a tailored dress from this inspired green-yellow fabric.
5 Yellow cardigan With the green dress out of the way, you’re ready for easier stuff. A yellow cardigan just like the one Princess Carolyn wears all the time.
6 Fuchsia stilettos Climb on those glossy fuchsia stilettos and you’re bound to cause an impression even to the most indifferent of horses. Careful not to match the the same pink of your panty-hose, though. Your heels must be slightly darker than your stockings.
7 Thin, gray waist belt Don’t forget to include a gray leather belt, about 1/2" thick with a single-tongue buckle.
8 Gold-plated choker necklace There’s a whole lore behind the famous necklace Princess Carolyn wears and that’s precisely why it’s a key element of your costume! Start with a gold plated choker necklace. This you’ll use to hang the triangle medallion below your neck.
9 Triangle medallion and Red, acrylic gem Next is this prominent, gold-plated, triangle pendant hanging from Carolyn’s choker. You could always handcraft it yourself with school supplies, but why not some nice jewelry to bring out the shine? You can find a really nice triangle medallion in the link to your left. You may need to glue a red faux gem in the middle of it so it will look the one Carolyn wears.

Hair and Makeup

# Item Description
1 Pink cat costume ears To look like Princess Carolyn, you’ll need furry, pink ears that you can wear over your wig like a hairband. These you can find at virtually any costume store, but just in case you prefer to stay home, here’s the link.
2 Pink wig Princess Carolyn likes to comb her hair backwards into a little buckle. You’ll have to do the same thing to your wig in order to look like BoJack’s energetic manager.
3 Pink face paint Add the finishing touches to your costume by covering your face with pink face paint. Try your best to match the same tone of pink of your arms and legs.

Princess Carolyn’s Purrrfect Look

Carolyn’s daily attire consists of a yellow cardigan on top of a green tube dress studded with yellow fishes. A thin, gray leather belt around the waist and a pair of fuchsia stiletto heels. Adorning her neck there’s a luscious gold-plated choker holding a large triangle, gold-plated medallion with a red diamond in the center.

About Princess Carolyn

Carolyn is the energetic, hardworking manager behind BoJack Horseman. She started as a secretary and made her way up to a top position in the company Vigor Talent. Since the 90’s, Carolyn’s been working with with some of the most influential names in the industry, after all she’s got a knack for spotting talented actors and signing them in successful TV shows and movies.

Princess Carolyn (voiced by Amy Sedaris) takes pride on being able to keep her professional and personal life apart, and yet she seems to have a hard time putting some distance between her and BoJack as she’s constantly bouncing in and out of an unstable relationship with him.

Not much is known about Carolyn’s origin, only that she comes from a family of immigrants that had to sell about everything to maintain a decent lifestyle in a country completely foreign to them. Her mom used to be a maiden working for a well-to-do family; sadly she was drunk most of the time, thus leaving poor Carolyn to do all the work. Nowadays she still has to clean up messes, only this time it’s BoJack’s public relations missteps.


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