Sarah Lynn Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

How to make Sarah Lynn Costume

Sarah Lynn Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Blue, long-sleeve shirt The highlight of this costume is the half striped, half skull-studded blue and purple, long-sleeve chiffon shirt Sarah wears ever so casually. For this top you’ll first need a casual, blue, button-down shirt. Roll up those sleeves 3/4’s of the way and you should be done with the easy part.
2 Skull and stripes shirt Sarah’s shirt has purple sections fashioned like a vest and decorated with a pattern of white skulls on the right side and diagonal, white stripes on the left. With a little bit of time, you could order some of this fabric that has the exact same pattern of Sarah’s shirt and have it sewn onto yours, front and back, only leaving the collar, sleeves and buttons out. Alternatively, you could use purple fabric with skull stencils, tape and white paint for fabrics to make the patterns yourself.
3 Black, cut-off shorts Once done with the shirt, the rest is pretty straightforward. You’ll need black, cut-off shorts with the pockets showing through the leg openings. It would be even better to have white pockets to resemble the character more accurately. Ultimately, any black, cut-off shorts will do, bought or homemade.
4 Yellow wedge-heel sneakers Sarah Lynn doesn’t go anywhere without her yellow wedge-heel sneakers. Patterns are unlimited and most of them match Lynn’s, so no need to worry about that. What really matters is that you get the color right.
5 Black laces To make your outfit richer in detail, you could include these black laces for your wedge-heel sneakers. It may not look like much, but it will surely give your costume a little extra.
6 Teal, cross-body bag Though it’s not always seen on the show, we know Sarah Lynn has an aquamarine cross-body bag, which you could imitate with any cross-body within the range of aquamarine, turquoise or teal at your disposal.

Sarah Lynn’s YOLO vibe Outfit

Sarah Lynn is a parody of actors and singers who were raised in the entertainment industry and grew up to be scandalous celebrities. This explains her design heavily influenced by controversial TV and music real life personalities such as the Olsen Twins, Lindsey Lohan and Britney Spears.

It’s not hard to see the evolution in Sarah’s wardrobe. First, adorable and naive like a normal toddler. Then, slightly provocative and youthful with tight, low-cut jeans and crop tops. Finally, there’s the look she’s best known for: hardcore party girl, characterized by her yellow, wedge heel sneakers, black cut off jeans, and a blue, button-down shirt studded with skulls on one side, while the oder side is covered in diagonal white stripes.

Fun fact: Sarah Lynn’s attire is based on one of Amanda Bynes’ outfits, only instead of stars, Sara’s shirt is spangled with skulls.

About Sarah Lynn

Sarah Lynn (Kristen Schaal) used to co-starr the 90’s sitcom Horsin’ around, where she would play Bojack’s youngest daughter, Sabrina. After the show ended she became an accomplished pop singer, but with the arrival of brand new talents, Sarah was left behind as a washed-up celebrity which ultimately lead her into a spiral of bad decisions fueled by alcohol and drugs.

Sarah was pushed into the world of sitcoms by her oppressive mother at the age of three. Although she was a talented actress, Sarah was very passionate about wanting to study architecture, but was bound by contracts in an extremely demanding industry with no time to pursuit personal goals. Her frustrated dreams along with BoJack’s bad influence and poor advice resulted in a never ending cycle of wild parties and substance abuse.


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