Slacker Todd Chavez Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Todd Chavez Costume

Todd Chavez Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Knitted, ribbed yellow beanie hat Todd is always wearing what seems to be a yellow, knitted, ribbed, beanie hat. The beanie hat in the link to your left is an exact replica to that of Todd’s that you’ll surely want in your costume. Otherwise, don’t swat it, you may go ahead and wear a different kind of beanie as long as you stay within the same shade of yellow.
2 White, v-neck t-shirt Under that red hoodie, Todd wears a white, v-neck t-shirt. You may find those readily available at almost every department or clothing store near you. Let us bring you closer to that t-shirt with the link to your left.
3 Red hoodie A red, full-zip, hoodie sweater is simply a must. Be sure to get a sweater like the one shown or anything close to it.
4 Blue sweatpants with white stripes These navy-blue sweatpants with white pipping are usually found with three stripes, but to get the perfect Todd Chavez’s costume, you’ll want only two white stripes.
5 Blue flip-flops Todd is nowhere close to elegant or fancy. He’s all about comfort and so he’s always wearing blue flip-flop sandals. If you already have a couple of these, you’ve got footwear pretty much covered.
6 Black Marker Either you can grow unshaved beard like him or use body marker to fake it.

Todd Chavez’s less-is-more outfit style

For the most part, Todd looks like he just got out of bed…or sofa. It’s probably due to his lazy nature that he doesn’t even care about getting any other sweater than the red hoodie he wears everyday an yet, we may still catch him wearing a variety of outfits for very specific situations every now and then.

Whether it is a video call from a Japanese girlfriend, ice cream at a diner or the inauguration of an unsafe theme park, Todd always has something in his dirty laundry for every occasion.

Nevertheless, Todd seems to favor his red hoodie, gray sweatpants with white piping, yellow beanie hat and blue flip-flop sandals.

About Todd Chavez

Todd is one of the main characters in the Bojack Horseman series. Right from the get go, we’re introduced to Todd Chavez (Aaron Paul) as a lazy slacker in his mid-20’s sleeping in BoJack’s sofa rent-free. Although is not made apparent until further on in the series, Todd has an assortment of skills that includes speaking Japanese, skateboarding, playing the keyboard and even a keen eye for business.

Todd had a strong addiction to video games, which resulted in him dropping out of school, losing his girlfriend, getting kicked out of his mom’s house and ultimately in him living in BoJack’s hill top house as that one guest that never left the party. Don’t let his lazy groove fool you, Todd is a potentially successful entrepreneur with the business knowledge to open his own theme park. He can also be quite dedicated and invested in things that interest him.

The funny thing about Todd’s relationship with his roommate BoJack is that despite being insulted by him on a daily basis, Todd always forgives him and even helps him out in whatever mischief the sitcom star comes up with, and the only reason The Horse is OK with Todd living under his roof, is because of Bojack’s fear of being alone.


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