Vincent Adultman Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Vincent Adultman Costume

Vincent Adultman Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Cream trench coat Vincent Adultman is very clearly a couple of kids stacked on top of each other hiding under a cream trench coat to look like a grownup and get away with things that children wouldn’t normally be allowed to do. This cliché is old as time and yet it makes up for an oddly convincing costume to everyone except BoJack.
2 Gray, wide-brim, fedora To go for an inconspicuous look and blend in a crowd of adults, these kids wear a gray, wide-brim fedora decorated with a burgundy ribbon. It makes sense, since this is what kids used to think grownups look like; probably based off baby-boomers’ fashion.
3 Black, v-neck, t-shirt Something a bit more contemporary and easier to find: a black, v-neck t-shirt. You will be so deep inside that trench coat that no one would probably notice if you wore a crew-neck instead. Either way, v-neck or crew-neck, is fine.
4 Slim fit, blue jeans Based on the leg openings of those pants, you could say Vincent is wearing a pair of slim-fit, light-washed or stone-washed blue jeans. Anything similar to that should be fine for your costume.
5 White socks To make your whole apparel look a bit more childish, you could imitate Vincent and roll up your pants a little to let those white socks show.
6 Navy-blue, fashion sneakers Finding navy-blue fashion sneakers with Velcro straps in adult-size may be a bit challenging. Save yourself the trouble with these blue, lace-up, fashion sneakers with white rubber soles.
7 Straw broomstick As if Vincent’s obvious facade wasn’t enough, the costume becomes even more evident when the kid on top needs to use a straw broomstick for an arm to fill-up the rest of long-sleeve of the trench coat. Fortunately, these broomsticks are easy to find, if not in your closest convenience store, surely in the link to your left.
8 Mannequin arm Needless to say, this costume is incredibly improvised. Another obvious sign of that is the mannequin arm that doesn’t even match the straw broomstick inside of the other sleeve. In case you don’t have one of those at hand, just click on the link for a perfect match.
9 Pillow You need to make this costume look a little bulky around the waist. Not the beer-belly kind of bulky though; remember it’s supposed to look like you’re one of the two kids stacked on top of each other under a trench coat. That’s where the pillows come in handy. Crumple it under your trench coat and around the waist.

Vincent Adultman - Master of Obvious Disguises

Vincent Adultman’s outfit is nothing more than a beige trench coat, a gray, wide-brim fedora, a pair of light-washed blue jeans and navy-blue, fashion sneakers.

From time to time we see him wear variants of that outfit, like for example during Mr. Peanutbutter and Diane Nguyen’s wedding, where he used a black top hat and a black bow-tie.

Though we never got a chance to see it, we know Vincent and Carolyn traveled to a place “wet and latin” where in all probability he wore a different trench coat with tropical print.

Of course, a couple of things that can’t go missing in his presentation is the straw broomstick in his right sleeve and the mannequin arm in his left sleeve.

About Vincent Adultman

For all we know, Vincent Adultman (voiced by Alison Brie) is just a couple of kids stacked on top of each other dressing up as an adult in order to do grownup’s stuff without being noticed, but there may be more about him than meets the eye.

In his first appearance, Vincent is approached by Princess Carolyn only to make BoJack jealous and what starts as mere bait ends up in an actual romantic relationship between Carolyn and Vincent. He claims to be a stock market broker, much to Carolyn’s disdain who only wants to have fun around someone with a younger mentality and not a workaholic.

As events unfold, we see a boy who looks suspiciously a lot like Vincent. It is later revealed the boy’s name is Kevin and is also related to Vincent, but as we never see them in the same room simultaneously, we can only assume Kevin is Vincent’s upper half.


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