Gramma Nutt (Candyland) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Gramma Nutt - Classic Costume

Gramma Nutt Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Blue Long-Sleeved Dress Start your classic Gramma Nutt outfit with a blue long-sleeved dress.
2 Petticoat Wear a petticoat underneath your dress to make it look billowing.
3 White Waist Apron Make sure to protect your clothes from gardening with a waist apron.
4 Blue Bonnet Keep your hair away from your face with a pretty blue bonnet.
5 Braided Basket Pick different kinds of nuts and put them in a braided basket.
6 Curly Ginger Wig Don’t forget to rock curly ginger hair.
7 Pioneer Woman Costume Set This costume set is also a great alternative for Gramma Nutt’s classic look.

How to Make Gramma Nutt – 2000s Costume

Gramma Nutt (New) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Orange Dress with Puffed Sleeves Gramma Nutt loves her bright colors in the 2000s so wear an orange dress.
2 Yellow Apron Look fun and lively in a bright yellow apron.
3 Light Green Heels You can still look fashionable while gardening.
4 Light Green Gloves Keep your hands clean in a pair of light green gloves.
5 Green Hat Stay protected from sunlight with a green hat.
6 Blue Beaded Necklace Look extra stylish with a blue beaded necklace.

Gramma Nutt lives in the nutty area of Peanut Acres. She and trusty dog, Bazz, loves tending to the peanut fields so that they can grow with magical surprises in them. She loves experimenting with her magic and is always fun to be around.

Gramma Nutt has two notable looks. The first is her classic look where she wears a billowing blue dress red shoes, and a blue bonnet. She also has red curly hair. Her more updated look has her wearing an orange dress, a yellow apron, green shoes, green gloves, and a green hat. She now has brown curly hair.

About Gramma Nutt

Gramma Nutt is a character from the original Candy Land board game. She lives in Peanut Acres with her dog, Bazz.

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