Dress For the Carnival – Labor Day, Miami, & Notting Hill

While the Labor Day Carnival, Notting Hill Carnival, and the Miami Carnival occur in different parts of the world, all are celebrated by essentially the same people.

All three carnivals are of Caribbean descent, and you can see the similarities of all three by the costumes and the way the people celebrate. It’s a great opportunity to feel a part of your Caribbean roots even when you’re far away from the islands.

If you’re a guest, then all three are good opportunities to learn about the vibrant culture of the Caribbean people.

How to Dress for the Labor Day Carnival

The Labor Day Carnival is celebrated in New York, and many tourists gather here to see the colorful costumes. Man or woman, adult or child, you can be a part of this exciting event! With these ideas below, you will surely have an awesome costume ready:

1. Dare to Do Duo

duo-chrome costume labor day

Why choose one color if you can have two?

2. Headdress Galore

headdress men labor day

Even men can wear fancy headdress for this occasion.


3. Shake it and Dance

dance kids labor day

Up the energy with stimulating dance moves!


4. Golden Group

gold group labor day


5. Feel the Beat

green man labor day

Join your friends and wear group costumes for more fun.


Things You Might Need:

# Item Description
1 Feather Cape Level up your outfit with a leather cape.
2 Bejweled Bra Instantly look great with a bejeweled bra.
3 Gold Fringed Skirt Bedazzle other parade goers with your shiny skirt.
4 Beaded Headband Accessorize your carnival costume with this beaded headband.
5 Fringed Poncho Cover up more with this fringed poncho.

How to Dress for the Miami Carnival

The Miami Carnival is celebrated by the Caribbean population who reside in Florida. It is known for its vibrant outfits and electrifying vibes. Here are a few costume inspirations if you want to join the party:

1. Primary Colors Represent!

primary miami carnival

Go back to basics and wear the primary colors red, yellow, and blue!


2. Go Atlantean!

atlantis miami carnival

Make your costume a little bit more extra with an underwater theme.


3. Go with Friends

orange friends miami festival

Show your team spirit and wear matching costumes with your friends.


4. Bright and Funky

bright miami festival

A one-piece suit can still be smoking hot and fun with the right accessories and colors.


5. Match Your Kids

kids match miami festivl

Keep your kids paired up with outfits with the same color.


Things You Might Need:

# Item Description
1 Bejweled Carnival Costume Set Get this costume set if you need an entire outfit.
2 Blue Harness with Feathers Show off proper party vibes with this awesome blue harness.
3 Sequined Red Bra You can also choose this show stopping sequined red bra as part of your outfit.
4 Rainbow Wings Add more colors by wearing this pair of rainbow wings.
5 Face Jewels Keep everything shiny and fun with face jewels.

How to Dress for the Notting Hill Carnival

The Notting Hill Carnival is celebrated in London and is also known for their Children’s Parade. If you’re ever the UK during this time, make sure to check out the celebrations. Here are some ideas for your own outfit:

1. Light Up the Street

orange women notting hill

Make a statement with this bold orange number!


2. Simply Kids

simple kids notting hill

Keep your kid engaged with his outfit and let him help with his DIY costume.


3. Paint Your Face

face paint notting hill

Your face is part of your costume too, so put on face paint if you desire!


4. Covered Up But Happy

covered up notting hill

You don’t need to bare a lot of skin to enjoy the festivities!


5. It’s All About the Skirt

huge skirt notting hill

Turn heads towards you with interestingly huge skirts as part of your costume.


Things You Might Need:

# Item Description
1 Petticoat To make a huge skirt, you will need a petticoat.
2 Beads Use beads to bedazzle your costumes.
3 Face Paint Face paint is a safer option if you want to put color on your face.
4 Art Paper Use art paper to make your child’s DIY vest.
5 Acrylic Paint Acrylic paint is perfect for DIY projects.

About the Labor Day, Miami, & Notting Hill

All three carnivals are descended from the Caribbean festivals, in particular the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival (also known as the Mother of Carnival).

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