Dress For the Carnival – Binche, Cadiz, & Tenerife

The Carnival of Binche has been around since about the 14th century and it takes place in Binche, Belgium once every year. A lot dancing, musicals, and marching can be seen and Gilles are out and about to spread some fun.

The Carnival of Cadiz has been around since about the 16th century and it takes place in Spain. It is one of the most known carnivals in Spain, and is all about humor and purging the streets of today’s problems.

The Carnaval de Santa Cruz de Tenerife is a Roman Catholic celebration that is held in the Canary Islands. It is also considered the twin carnival of the better known carnival held in Rio de Janiero.

How to Dress for the Binche Carnival

The Carnival of Binche is a sight to see when you’re around Belgium. Some might even say that the Gilles look weird (or creepy). But the whole affair does look enjoyable and full of history.

1. Wear the Puffs

binche carnival puff

Look like a giant marshmallow with huge white puffs on your head!


2. Masked in Color

binche carnival color

Wear simple white masks and add a nice contrast by putting on brightly colored clothes!


3. All the Same Faces

binche carnival sameface

Be one with all the Gilles in the event!


4. Pastel Party

binche carnival pastel

Join this pastel-colored march!


5. Boys in Blue

binche carnival blue

Look like schoolboys of old with this attire!


Want to join the fun? Look the at the list below for things you might have to buy:

Things You Might Need:

# Item Description
1 White Long-Nosed Mask Use this white long-nosed mask for one of your costumes.
2 Brown Leather Messenger Bag The schoolboy outfit isn’t complete without a messenger bag.
3 White Balaclava Wear a white balaclava for your Gilles costume.
4 Pastel Boards Use the pastel boards to make your conical hats.

How to Dress for the Cadiz Carnival

The Carnival of Cadiz is known for its sarcastic and ironic humor. The costumes worn here are super varied and mostly funny. Look the part with your quirky attire!

1. Boat Down the Streets

cadiz carnival boat

Make heads turn with your DIY kayak costume!


2. Be a Bumblebee

cadiz carnival bumblebee

Spread the sweet vibes as a swarm of bumblebees!


3. The Ringmaster is Here

cadiz carnival ringmaster

Join the circus and become the ringmaster!


4. ‘Lo from the Leprechauns

cadiz carnival leprechaun

Give everyone some luck as a leprechaun!


5. Rockin’ Romans

cadiz carnival romans

Sing a few tunes as a Roman!

Have an idea for your costume? Here are a few things for you to look at:

Things You Might Need:

# Item Description
1 Neon Vest Make sure people can see you with this neon vest.
2 Bumblebee Headband & Wings Transform into a bumblebee with this accessory set.
3 Top Hat Become the ringmaster of your dreams with this top hat.
4 Leprechaun Costume Time to bring on some luck with this costume set!
5 Roman Soldier Costume Be the brave Roman soldier with this costume set!

How to Dress for the Tenerife Carnival

Turn up the heat and get the party started by joining the Carnival in Tenerife. Get a mix of day and night parades to experience the carnival to the fullest!

1. Regal in Black and Gold

Tenerife black gold

Look like a regal carnival queen with this black and gold ensemble!


2. Covered Up & Warm

Tenerife carnival warm

Covered up and warm but still looking fine in this quirky outfit!


3. Queens of the Road

Tenerife carnival queen

No matter the age, you can still join the parades!


4. Dance in the Streets

Tenerife carnival dance

Join your friends and dance together in the streets!


5. Present on Stage

Tenerife carnival stage

Feel the limelight and look your best for the night parades!


Want to look your best? Check out the list below for items you might use:

Things You Might Need:

# Item Description
1 Black and Gold Headdress Use this as the key piece of your fantastic ensemble!
2 Face Paint Paint your face however you want!
3 White Tulle Skirt Use the white tulle skirt as a costume accessory for your regal gown.
4 Zebra Tank Top Add a natural theme to your costume with this zebra tank top.

About the Binche, Cadiz, & Tenerife Carnival

All three carnivals are celebrations that encourage people to join. They might have different themes and they might be held in different places, but all three love it when people get together and have the time of their lives.

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