Dress For the Carnival of Venice Costume

Masks and elaborate dressing: that is the mark of the prestigious Carnival of Venice. Unlike most carnivals today, this celebration from Venice retained its sophistication and elegance. Women and men are usually dressed to the medieval nines.

With opulent Victorian ballgowns, princely suits, and a ton of accessories, the people of Venice certainly know how to party. You would definitely feel as if you’ve been transported to the seventeenth century. Plus, the masks worn by the people add an air of anonymity and mystery to the whole affair!

How to Dress for the Carnival of Venice – Women

While you may think that dressing for the carnival is strict, you can definitely use your creativity still. Just remember two things: medieval and luxury. To give you an idea, here are a few inspirations:

1. Gilded in Gold

Gold Venice Carnival

Create an air of mystery by dressing up as a golden, masked beauty.


2. A Modern Twist

Modern Venice Carnvial

Update the style of your gown and show off some skin!


3. Pretty in Pink

Pink Venice Carnival

Channel your inner lady with this dainty, floral outfit!


4. A Scenic Take

Scenic Venice Carnival

Wear Venice on your skirts for a more scenic route!


5. A Show of Extravagance

Flashy Venice Carnival

Show them who’s boss with this dazzling ensemble!


Have an inkling of what you want to look like? Below is a list of what you might have to get.

Things You Might Need:

# Item Description
1 Victorian Gown Solid colors or floral patterns, it’s your choice as long as you wear a fancy Victorian gown!
2 Victorian Hoop Underskirt Make sure you get your desired pouf with this hoop underskirt.
3 Lace Gloves A touch of a lady: lace gloves will certainly add that feminine charm.
4 Fascinator Hat Style your hair nicely with this fascinator hat.
5 Marie Antoinette Wig Don’t want to go to the salon for an elaborate ‘do? Just wear a wig!
6 White Mask Don’t forget to wear your mask and personalize it.

How to Dress for the Carnival of Venice – Men

While women opt for gowns and pretty dresses, men have more choices. You can wear princely attires, elaborate costumes, and even dreary cloaks. Look below and you might just find what you want to go as:

1. Jester of Hearts

Red Venice Carnival

If there’s a queen and king, then there’s also a Jester of Hearts!


2. Majestic Purples and Greens

Majestic Venice Carnival

Look proud and beautiful like a peacock!


3. Dark Jester

Dark Jester Venice Carnival

Not all jesters need to look happy and bright. You could take on a darker retelling!


4. In Black and White

BW Venice Carnival

Look sinister in black dress robes and plain white masks.


5. Regal in Red

Regal Red Venice Carnival

Channel power and intimidation in this commanding costume!


An idea starting to spark? Below is a list of the materials you might need to use.

Things You Might Need:

# Item Description
1 Ruffled White Tunic Be prepared to look princely with this ruffled white tunic.
2 Medieval Pants Dress appropriately with this pair of medieval pants.
3 Victorian Tailcoat Jacket Add that vintage touch with this Victorian tailcoat jacket.
4 Black Cloak Put on a black cloak to look formidable.
5 Black Pirate’s Hat Why not wear a black pirate’s hat to stir things up?
6 White Mask As per tradition, wear a mask to the carnival.

How to Dress for the Carnival of Venice – Children

Even children can join in on the fun! Make your kids feel like princes and princesses for the day. Here are a few looks you can copy:

1. Royal Smiles

Smile Venice Carnival

A smile is the best costume of all!


2. Family Fun

Family Venice Carnival

Let everyone join the fun and dress like a family from the past!


3. Bright as the Sun

Bright Venice Carnival

Brighten everyone’s day with this golden ensemble!


4. Mighty Knights

Knight Venice Carnival

Be proud and brave like the knights of old!


5. Prince of Cuteness

Prince Venice Carnival

Take the classic route and be a prince for the day!


Know what to make your kids wear? Check out the things below, you might need them.

Things You Might Need:

# Item Description
1 Victorian Costume Dress Turn your little girl into a princess with this costume dress.
2 Victorian Rococo Gown Want something more authentic-looking? This Rococo gown is perfect!
3 Victorian Prince Costume Your son wants to be a prince? This costume is a must!
4 Knight Costume Transform your little boy into a brave knight with this costume set.

About the Carnival of Venice

The Carnival of Venice of religious origin, most notably Christian. It was originally celebrated from St. Stephen’s Day up until the day before Ash Wednesday.

The Carnival was first practiced to celebrate Venice’s victory, and was one of the ways that the country saved its prestige during the Renaissance period.

Masks are very much a part of the carnival. However, it has been banned time and again since the inception of the carnival.

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