Crysta (FernGully) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Crysta Costume

Crysta (FernGully) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Skin Tone Bodysuit Go for a more conservative take and wear a skin tone bodysuit as your base.
2 Red One Shoulder Sleeveless Crop Top Choose a red one-shoulder sleeveless top for your Crysta outfit.
3 Red Sarong Wrap Match your top with an equally red, short sarong wrap to complete Crysta’s bright clothes.
4 Beige Flats Crysta prefers going on foot, but if you need footwear, a pair of beige flats will work well.
5 White Fairy Wings Make sure to wear a pair of magical white fairy wings to complete your look.
6 Black Short Wig Look more like Crysta with this messy black wig.
7 Pixie Ears Look like a forest sprite when you have pointed ears.

Crysta is a young forest sprite who is most known for being curious, brave, and a bit naïve. She, like many young ones, like going off on adventures but Crysta’s most redeeming quality is her loyalty and willingness to do anything for her home.

Crysta is pretty known for her preference for red in her outfit. She wears a simple pixie outfit consisting of a red one-shoulder sleeve top paired with a short, red sarong, and beige flats. Crysta is also known for her black hair, pointed ears, and white fairy wings.

About Crysta

Crysta was voiced by Samantha Mathis. Mathis is also known for her roles in Broken Arrow, American Psycho, Pump Up the Volume, and Super Mario Bros..

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