Lady Death Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Lady Death’s Costume

Fly like Lady Death and look daring with the pieces below:

Lady Death Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Nude Bodysuit For those who wish to cover up, wear this nude body suit.
2 Leather Bra Then continue with is leather bra.
3 Leather Bottoms Pair the bra with this shorts.
4 Black Garter Connect a garter to the shorts.
5 Thigh High Boots Attach the garter to this pair of boots.
6 Fingerless Gloves Style the look with fingerless gloves.
7 White Wig Finish with platinum-colored wig.
8 Red Black Cape As a superhero or supervillain, you’ll need it
9 Gold Cuffs Accessorize with this gold bracelet.
10 Gold Necklace Wear this gold necklace as accent.

Lady Death’s costume is composed of dark materials and leather. She dons a leather bra with panty bikini bottoms. You may wear a nude tights with this. The costume also has lingerie garters and thigh high boots to complete the sexy look. To complete the costume, be sure to wear fingerless gloves, as well as gold choker and bracelets. Then wear a white wig.

About Lady Death

Lady Death is a comic protagonist created by Brian Pulido. She was first published by Chaos! Comics in 1991.

Lady Death was initially depicted as an evil hallucination of a child named Ernest Fairchild. She would lure Ernie to be loyal to her, and in return promised to kill everyone. Eventually, she was detached from Ernie and was set to have her own story.

The Classic Lady Death story comes from a child named Hope, daughter of a descendant from a fallen angel (father) and a pure kind mother. She would then grow to lead a rebellion in Hell where she was cursed by Lucifer who threatened her never to be able to return to Earth as long as the living walked on it. She countered this by vowing to kill all life on the planet.

Image Credit: Pinterest