Britta Perry Costume (Community) for Cosplay & Halloween

Britta’ Costume Items

Britta Perry Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Medium Length and Curly Blond Wig Britta Perry is a blonde character so the Community audience recognize remember her as a blondie. Although she changes her hairstyle occasionally, Perry’s regular hairstyle is medium cut and curly
2 Stripe Long Sleeve T-Shirt Perry’s daily choice might various, but stripe T-shirt is what she seems to wear quite often. So any T-shirt with stripe and long-sleeve would make a perfect Kerry’s daily look
3 Faux Leather Moto Biker Short Coat Jacket Sometimes Kerry wears a leather coat jacket over her daily outfit, so basically any simple black leather jackets perfect
4 Stretchy Skinny Jeans It makes sense to pick stretchy jeans for daily wear because they are comfortable. However, any plain skinny jeans are fine
5 Ankle Cut Boots Perry often wears ankle cut high heel boots for daily look. You should be looking for a simple design with ordinary colors, not too fancy or flashy
6 Classic Student Backpack Because she is a student, Perry sometimes carries a student backpack with her. Any regular student backpacks are doable
7 Double Gold Necklace Perry loves to wear necklace, and she wears many designs in the show. However, she often wears the double chain necklace in many episodes
8 Clear Lens Glasses with Squared Frame Occasionally Perry wears a pair of squared glasses with black frame. The design is plain and simple so you should be able to find it anywhere

Britta Perry’s Signature Look

As a college student, Kerry’s daily style is not out of ordinary but rather plain and simple: she often wears a pair of jeans and a comfortable shirt or jacket. However, when there is a special party of event like Halloween where the attendee must wear costumes, Kerry never fails to disappoint the audience with awesome or hilarious costumes.

About Britta Perry

Britta Perry, played by Gillian Jacobs, is one of main characters in a famous American sitcom called “Community” which is about the disbarred lawyer Jeff Winger whose attempt is to get a bachelor’s degree in Greendale community college, and his experience with people in that place. The character of Britta Perry was first introduced in the pilot episode, making her one of original main characters, she’s portrayed to be worldly wise, yet rebellious character.

Perry has a love-hate relationship with her parents because of what she claims bad parenting. After traveling the world and joining a number of political activist groups, Kerry decided to join Greendale community college where she creates bonds of friendship with Spanish study group, the same study group that the protagonist Jeff Winger is involved with. Despite being seen as a hot girl, Kerry is a smart woman with strong opinions who knows exactly what she wants.