The Rake Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make The Rake Costume

The Rake Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Full White Bodysuit The main piece of your costume will be a head-to-toe white bodysuit.
2 White Shoes Keep comfortable while having a seamless look with plain white shoes.
3 Long Fake Nails Look extra terrifying with long fake nails on each of your fingers.
4 Black Acrylic Paint Use black acrylic paint to create the ghostly skeletal outline of the Rake.
5 Kids Costume Set Transform your kid into a scary create with this costume set.
6 Costume Set You won’t need to DIY if you get this costume set instead.

The Rake is a humanoid creature in the United States whose goal is to kill and eat its victims. While vicious, it also patient and tenacious, as it’s reported to stalk its victims for years before hunting. It will even harass its victims with information on the people they love. But when it attacks, it is extremely aggressive.

The Rake is a very pale and skinny humanoid monster with long limbs, white eyes, and a sharp jaw. To look like one, you will need to wear a full white bodysuit, white shoes, long nails, and use acrylic paint to finish your look.

About The Rake

The Rake is a mythical creature that originated from internet horror stories. It is typically described as a tall, hairless humanoid with a pale, emaciated appearance and long limbs. The creature is known for its ability to instill intense fear in those who encounter it and is often associated with accounts of disturbing and unexplained events. The Rake has gained popularity in online horror fiction and has been the subject of numerous alleged sightings and eyewitness reports, contributing to its status as a modern urban legend.

Despite gaining popularity in the internet, The Rake was inspired by a more classical form of literature. It is believed that this terrifying humanoid creature was inspired by works of the world-renowned H.P. Lovecraft. Both he and his mother were terrified for each other.

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