Ticci Toby Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Ticci Toby Costume

Ticci Toby Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Toby’s Pullover Wear this unique Toby pullover to start your outfit.
2 Denim Pants Toby wears a pair of regular denim pants so make sure you wear those as well.
3 Black Sneakers Wear a comfy pair of black sneakers so Toby can get away from his murder scenes easily.
4 Toby’s Black and White-Striped Face Mask Toby wears a face mask to hide his mouth injury, so don’t forget to wear one as well.
5 Yellow-Tinted Goggles Remember to use yellow-tinted goggles for your Toby outfit.
6 Bloody Axe Don’t forget to bring a pair of bloody axes since Toby likes to stab people.
7 Strawberry Blonde Wig If you don’t have the same color of hair as Toby, you can always use a wig.

Ticci Toby is one of the most controversial characters in the Creepypasta Universe, simply because hardcore fans think him creepy and some don’t. Regardless, he’s very popular and lovable (in a twisted sort of way).

Ticci Toby started out as an anti-social, quiet kid battling with a couple of mental disorders. His abusive father and experience with bullying coupled with the death of his beloved sister and an encounter with Slender Man pushed him to the edge.

Ticci Toby looks like your typical emo teenage boy when he hides half of his face. He wears a brown-blue hoodie pullover, a pair of denim pants, a black and white-striped face mask, yellow-tinted goggles, and he brings an axe wherever he goes. Here’s everything you need to look like Ticci Toby.

About Ticci Toby

Ticci Toby is a character created by Kastoway in the Slender Man Universe. He has long expressed his wishes to distance himself with his Toby character because of sensitive topics concerning Toby.

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