Dress Like Green Arrow (Oliver Queen) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

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The Green Arrow has a resemblance to a medieval hero we might know. Yup, you got that right! He looks like a modern-day Robin Hood, and that’s because young Oliver Queen loved Robin Hood when he was a kid. Green Arrow may have started as a hero to appease his passion for action but certain experiences in his life allowed him to grow up and become the beloved hero he is today.

Green Arrow’s most recent uniform in the Arrowverse is sleek, leather, and hot. The very look of it is imposing and dangerous. He wears his own iconic hooded jacket, tight black pants, black tactical boots, and an eye mask to hide his identity. Don’t for get to bring along a bow and a quiver of arrows! Here’s everything you need to look like Green Arrow.

How to Dress Like Green Arrow aka Oliver Queen Costume

Green Arrow Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Green Arrow’s Hoodie Green Arrow’s new hoodie is made up of leather and is skintight to help him move better without having to worry about snagging somewhere in the middle of a fight.
2 Black Pants The same goes for his tight black pants. Also, the dark color helps him blend better into the night.
3 Black Boots A sturdy pair of black tactical boots is great for serious crime fighting.
4 Eye Mask Oliver uses an eye mask to hide his identity.
5 Bow and Quiver of Arrows Green Arrow’s iconic weapon of choice is his bow and quiver of arrows.
6 Green Arrow Costume Set If you want to get the whole uniform down to pat, just buy this costume set.

About Green Arrow / Oliver Queen

Green Arrow and Oliver Queen are portrayed by Stephen Amell in the CW television series, Arrow.

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