Lois Lane Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2020

How to Dress like Lois Lane

Although Lois Lane doesn’t have any powers or costumes, she’s still a hero in her own realm because she’s not scared to write about any threatening public enemies. Lois often wears a plain buttoned down shirt, a vest or a sweater, a formal skirt or pants, high heel boots, and a trench coat. She also usually has a name tag on and a handbag. Check our list down below to recreate Lois’ professional look.

Lois Lane Cosplay & Costume Guide
# Item Description
1 White Buttoned Down Shirt Get a simple white buttoned down shirt with long sleeves.
2 Light Blue Button Down Shirt This is an option. You can get a light blue buttoned down shirt with long sleeves instead.
3 Vest Look for a simple designed black or beige vest to wear on the shirt.
4 Gray Sweater Instead of the vest, you can choose a plain gray sweater to wear instead.
5 Name Tag with Necklace Any name tags with a dark necklace is perfect. Don’t forget to print the card and put it in there.
6 Office Pants Get a pair of dark or creme formal pants to wear.
7 Pencil Skirt If you don’t like the pants, you can choose to wear a gray or black pencil skirt instead.
8 Office High Heels Pick a pair of formal dark high heels.
9 Trench Coat Look for a simple trench coat in black or khaki color.
10 Handbag Get a non-fancy handbag in any polite colors.

About Lois Lane

Lois Lane or Lois Joanne Lane, played by Amy Adams, is main characters in the current DC movies: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League. Lois Lane is a top investigative journalist at a big Metropolis newspaper, Daily Planet. At Daily Planet, Lois meets with Clark Kent. She’s partially the reason Clark decides to become Superman.

They both fall for each other and become a couple. Because Lois is the love of Superman’s life, she’s both his greatest inspiration as well as his weakest spot for his enemies. Lois Lane is a professional woman and full of determination when it comes to her career; she once risked her life to interview the head of a terrorist organization at his base camp.