Lois Lane Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Lois Lane costume

Lois Lane Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Buttoned Down Shirt Get a simple white buttoned down shirt with long sleeves.
2 Light Blue Button Down Shirt This is an option. You can get a light blue buttoned down shirt with long sleeves instead.
3 Vest Look for a simple designed black or beige vest to wear on the shirt.
4 Gray Sweater Instead of the vest, you can choose a plain gray sweater to wear instead.
5 Name Tag with Necklace Any name tags with a dark necklace is perfect. Don’t forget to print the card and put it in there.
6 Office Pants Get a pair of dark or creme formal pants to wear.
7 Pencil Skirt If you don’t like the pants, you can choose to wear a gray or black pencil skirt instead.
8 Office High Heels Pick a pair of formal dark high heels.
9 Trench Coat Look for a simple trench coat in black or khaki color.
10 Handbag Get a non-fancy handbag in any polite colors.

Although Lois Lane doesn’t have any powers or costumes, she’s still a hero in her own realm because she’s not scared to write about any threatening public enemies. Lois often wears a plain buttoned down shirt, a vest or a sweater, a formal skirt or pants, high heel boots, and a trench coat. She also usually has a name tag on and a handbag. Check our list down below to recreate Lois’ professional look.

About Lois Lane

Lois Lane or Lois Joanne Lane, played by Amy Adams, is main characters in the current DC movies: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League. Lois Lane is a top investigative journalist at a big Metropolis newspaper, Daily Planet. At Daily Planet, Lois meets with Clark Kent. She’s partially the reason Clark decides to become Superman.

They both fall for each other and become a couple. Because Lois is the love of Superman’s life, she’s both his greatest inspiration as well as his weakest spot for his enemies. Lois Lane is a professional woman and full of determination when it comes to her career; she once risked her life to interview the head of a terrorist organization at his base camp.