Poison Ivy Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

How to make Poison Ivy Costume

Poison Ivy Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Long Bright Red Wig Get a long bright red wig to recreate Poison Ivy’s hairstyle.
2 Green Leaves Hair Piece Decorate your wig with a green-leaves hairpiece.
3 Plastic Green Leaves You should get a lot of small plastic green leaves and using them for your make up and clothes’ decoration.
4 Green Cape A plain designed long green cape is perfect.
5 Green Strapless Bodysuit Get a simple bodysuit in green because you’d need to put green plastic leaves on them and would not want to see other colors.
6 Green Sheer Stockings Get a pair of sheer stockings in green color.
7 Green Long Gloves Any simple long green capes are perfect for the look.
8 Black Lace High Heels Pick a pair of black lace high heels that you like.
9 Fabric Glue Use a fabric glue to attach plastic leaves to your bodysuit.
10 Spirit Gum and Remover Cut two plastic leaves into the shape that you see in the photo and put them on your eyebrows using spirit gum.
11 Tattoo Pen Look for a removable tattoo pen and draw a plant design on your thigh.
12 Green Nail Polish Create your poisonous touch by painting your nails with green nail polish.

Base on her style in Batman & Robin movie, Poison Ivy has a long bright red hair with bright green nails and green outfit. She wears a green-leaves hairpiece, a bodysuit decorated with green leaves, green sheer stockings, a leaves-printed cape, and high heels. She also has a plant tattoo on one thigh. To recreate Poison Ivy’s poisonous look, check out our list down below.

About Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy or Pamela Isley, famously played by Uma Thurman, is main villain or protagonist in Batman & Robin. According to the New Earth origin before she’s known as Poison Ivy, Pamela was a botany student. She was in love with one of her teachers, Marc Legrand. her passion toward him drove her to steal the special plants from the museum to help him with his experiments.

Unfortunately things went down south for Pamela when Legrand decided to betray her and poison her with the plant she stole. But she survived that poison, then he became invulnerable to all poisons. Pamela killed Legrand brutally, and with him her trust in men; she only has love for plants and greens ever since. After everything Pamela took the alias Poison Ivy and announced herself as the public enemy.