The Trapper (Dead by Daylight) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make The Trapper Costume

Trapper Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Tank Top Dirty your white tank top up and rip it up to get that psychotic look perfect for the Trapper.
2 Brown Overalls Make sure that your brown overalls are as dirty and bloodied like your tank top.
3 Brown Boots Finish off your ‘worker’ look with a pair of brown boots.
4 Special Effects Makeup Set Get scars and blood all over your body by using this special effects makeup set.
5 Mask Look a lot like the Trapper by wearing a grinning mask like him.
6 Bloodied Weapon Bring along a bloodied knife or cleaver as your weapon.
7 Brown Paint Then create a mix of brown, black, and red paint to recreate his skin.
8 Black Paint For your next color, you can use this black paint, too.
9 Wire Pop off some wires on the shoulder and arm area.

There’s a reason why the Trapper is called as such. He wasn’t always like this, but his back story shows how power and money can corrupt even the most steadfast of people. The Trapper was once the heir of the Macmillan Estate, Evan. But circumstances and his father’s deteriorating mental health led Evan to one of the grisliest mass murders in history, earning him the name, Trapper.

The Trapper wears a bloodied white tank top, ripped denim overalls, boots, and a creepy white mask. He also wields a bloody cleaver.

About the Trapper

The Trapper is a character from the game franchise of Dead By Daylight). In the story, The Trapper is the area-control Killer. He is able to apply pressure across the Map with his deadly Bear Traps which Survivors then step into. His real name is Evan MacMillan who used to be a wealthy man who turned after he is used as an enforcer by his father.

Trapper is one of the original killers released in 2016 when Dead by Daylight came out. He is now part of a 21-killer roster.

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