Lord Zedd (Power Rangers) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Lord Zedd Costume

Lord Zedd Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Red Full Bodysuit Use a red full bodysuit as the base of your Lord Zedd costume. Use acrylic paint to create the muscle details on your suit.
2 EVA Foam Sheets Use EVA foam sheet to create the snaking armor around Lord Zedd’s body as well as most of his helmet.
3 Red Helmet Visor Add a red visor to your DIY helmet to complete the look.
4 Silver Finger Claws Put on silver finger claws to match Lorz Zedd.
5 Aquarium Tubes Add aquarium tubes around your armor to recreate Lord Zedd’s outfit.
6 Harpoon Prop Make use of a harpoon prop as the base of your Lord Zedd staff.
7 Acrylic Paint Set Different colors of acrylic paint will go handy for this outfit.

Lord Zedd is the ruler of the Evil Space Aliens from Eltar and a main enemy of the Power Rangers. He is a sadistic and megalomaniacal leader who abuses his minions and often blames them for each failure. Add to that his strength, magi, and hand-to-hand combat skills, and you can see why he’s such a formidable enemy.

Lord Zedd is known for his silver armor snaking through his red body. To look like him, you will need to wear a red jumpsuit, a red helmet visor, silver finger claws with a full-body EVA-foam armor.

About Lord Zedd

Lord Zedd was portrayed by Ed Neil. Neil is also known for his roles in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Breathing Fire, Masked Rider, and Wicked Game.

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