Pascal (Tangled) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

How to make Pascal costume

Pascal Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Light Green Fleece Onesie with Hoodie A light green fleece onesie with a hoodie is a great base for your Pascal costume.
2 Light Green Fleece Fabric Create his long curling tail with this light green fleece fabric and stuff it before sewing it to your onesie. You can also make triangular cut-outs and sew it on the spine of your onesie to mimic Pascal’s ridges.
3 White Fleece Fabric Sew in two, white circular eyes on the top of your hoodie to recreate Pascal’s cute big eyes. Use black and brown felt papers for the details.
4 Toy Stuffing Use toy stuffing to shape up and make your extra parts durable.
5 Light Green Face Paint Go the extra mile and paint your face light green as well!

Pascal doesn’t speak. He’s not even human, but that didn’t deter him from becoming best friends with the lost princess. For years, Pascal and Rapunzel were each other’s only true family, and they loved each other very much. That’s why he’s very protective of her and will not let anybody harm her. Pascal’s loyalty is heartwarming and fun to watch.

Pascal doesn’t wear any clothes (except for the scene where Rapunzel sews him a dress). He’s a chameleon so he can change skin colors but his original one is a bright green. He has a long curling tail and ridges all over his back. Here’s everything you need to look like Pascal.

About Pascal

Although doesn’t speak, he does make a few sounds. Pascal was voiced by legendary voice actor Frank Welker. Through the years, Welker has voiced many fan favorite characters like Megatron, Scooby Doo, Odin, and many more.

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