Diddy Kong Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Diddy Kong Costume

Diddy Kong Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Monkey Onesie Start off your Diddy Kong outfit with a monkey onesie to keep everything simply.
2 Red Tank Top Wear a plain red tank top atop your onesie.
3 Iron-on Transfer Paper Add yellow star details on your red top to match Diddy Kong’s.
4 Monkey Feet Slippers Add a funny layer to your outfit with a pair of monkey feet slippers.
5 Nintendo Cap Accessorize with a red Nintendo cap on your head.
6 Khaki Backpack Keep all your essentials handy in a khaki backpack.

Diddy Kong is the nephew of Donkey Kong, and is the fastest member of the family. He is also considered to be the best friend of Donkey and goes on many adventures with him. Diddy Kong is very friendly is always willing to help out his friends. He is also rather peaceful which balances Donkey’s more aggressive attitude.

Diddy Kong is an excitable character who’s a favorite of many. To look like him, you will need a monkey onesie, a red tank top, monkey feet slippers, a red Nintendo cap, and a khaki backpack.

About Diddy Kong

Diddy Kong was voiced by Andrew Sabiston in the 1997 television series Donkey Kong Country. Sabiston is also known for his roles in Super Wings!, Ranger Rob, The Remarkable Mr. King, and The Edison Twins.

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