Edgar Allan Poe Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

How to make Edgar Allan Poe Costume

Edgar Allan Poe Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Wig You should start from the top. Edgar Allan Poe is famous for his hairstyle. Some short curly wig would be a perfect choice.
2 Mustache Another Edgar Allan Poe trademark. Some small fake adhesive mustache would be great.
3 Mask Instead of combining things like wig, mustaches and makeup, you can go for a complete Edgar Allan Poe mask.
4 Raven “The Raven” is probably Edgar Allan Poe’s most famous poems. Find some decoration raven to give some nice dose of symbolism to the costume.
5 White Longsleve Shirt This piece belongs to the common part of Edgar Allan Poe’s outfit. This piece was pretty common for the 19th century, so it seems natural to wear it.
6 Scarf Another inevitable part of the 19th-century outfit. A piece of black satin ribbon would do just fine.
7 Black Long Coat We are still talking about common pieces of clothes for that age. Still, this is a classic piece, which many people wear even nowadays. Finding a proper one shouldn’t be a problem at all.
8 Black Pants Any kind of black classic pants should be just fine. It isn’t really much important.
9 Classic Black Shoes Once again, a piece of clothes that is very easy to find. Just go for some pair of classic black shoes.
10 Skull Replica Just like a raven, a skull has a plenty of symbolism. Find some realistic replica to make this costume even more convincing.
11 Feather for writing Finally, the most important thing of every writer, feather, and piece of paper.

The first and one of the most famous American authors, Edgar Allan Poe, was a romantic poet, writer, literary critic and much more. Besides his amazing literature legacy, he is also known for his pretty interesting personal life. He was a real eccentric person. Serving in the U.S. Army, marriage with a much younger sister and early death under unclear circumstances are just some of many interesting things from his life.

His way of clothing was always following his eccentric way of life. His suit was a pretty common piece for that time. However, he wore a whole bunch of interesting details. So, cosplaying this famous author won’t include just traditional pieces of clothes, but numerous additions. Edgar Allan Poe is famous for his poem called “The Raven”, so you should include this bird in the costume, as well as skull, a piece of paper, feather etc.

About Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe once served the army. This was one of the best ways to earn so-needed money. Not only that he used a false name, but he also lied about his age. Another interesting part of his life was a marriage with his 13-year old sister.

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