Ashlynn Ella (Ever After High) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Ashlynn Ella’s Costume from Ever After High

Turn heads with your Princess look! Shop for the pieces here:

Ashlynn Ella Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Aquamarine Floral Dress Look for an aquamarine mini dress with floral prints.
2 Sheer Sleeves Wear a thin top with bishop sleeves or organza to copy Ashlynn Ella’s sleeves.
3 Floral Patches Add contrast flower patches to match Ashlynn Ella’s love for coral pink, too!
4 Flower Crown Match the floral patterns of the dress with a pink flower crown.
5 Wig Wear a strawberry blonde or soft ginger wig. Pull up in a half updo.
6 Birdcage Pendant Accessorize with a gold-toned pendant necklace, preferably with a bird-in-a-cage design.
7 Ankle Strap Heels Wear dreamy heels with ankle ribbon details, fitting to a daughter of Cinderella.
8 Full Costume Cop Ashlynn Ella’s signature floral frock, pendant, and hair band. For a more DIY touch, keep reading.

The daughter of Cinderella surely does not disappoint with her style. To dress like Ashlynn Ella, cop a mini dress in aquamarine or coral. Get organza sleeves, if available. She also loves nature so she there’s an abundance of floral touches to her look. Wear a strawberry blonde wig and style it in a half updo then throw in a gold-pendant necklace, a pink hair band, and heels with ribbon to finish.

About Ashlynn Ella

Ashlynn Ella is a character in a doll franchise “Ever After High”. She is the daughter of Cinderella and has worked at the Glass Slipper Shoe shop.

Ashlyn Ella has a special magic ability to talk to plants and animals, that’s why her attire is always depicting flora or fauna. She is also in a relationship with Hunter Huntsman which sometimes proves problematic as she is a Royal and her boyfriend is a Rebel. She considers Hunter as her deepest connection, but she also has great relationships with her many friends (both human and animal) thanks to her easygoing and understanding personality.