Big Bad Wolf Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Big Bad Wolf Costume

Big Bad Wolf Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Wolf Head Mask Get a full head scary wolf mask to get his fearsome look.
2 Wolf Latex Costume Gloves Look for a pair of hairy gloves with claws on them.
3 Wolf Costume Feet Complete the wolfman feature with a pair of costume wolf feet.
4 Long Sleeved Plaid Fleece Shirt Get a regular plaid shirt with long sleeves (to cover your bare arms) in red color.
5 Slim Flat Front Pants Any pairs of brown pants would be just perfect.
6 Brown Rustic Belt Just get a basic brown belt with a rustic touch on it.
6 Brown Suspenders Hook your belt with brown suspenders.
7 Straw Hat Complete the outfit with a straw hat to disguise your gruesome features.

Big Bad Wolf has been portrayed in many versions, but all represent him as a frightening and manipulative creature.

In this article, we’ll make him more human and give him some clothes. He has a wolf head, hairy arms and claws, and hairy wolf feet. He wears a long sleeved plaid shirt with brown pants with suspenders. He also wear a straw hat to cover his terrifying face.

Sound gruesome and you like it? Go through our item list down below!

About Big Bad Wolf

Big Bad Wolf is one of the famous villain characters, next to witches and other monsters, who’s featured in many bed time stories such as in Little Red Ridding Hood, he wants to eat a little girl who’s on her way to visit her grandmother, so he moves ahead of a little girl, devours her sick grandmother, and disguises as an old lady waiting for the little girl to come.

Considering his action and plans in various stories, Big Bad Wolf comes across as a cunning and violent character who will do whatever it takes to get what he wants. However, his cunning nature doesn’t save him from the Huntsman’s axe in the end of the story.